Nowhere 2

Here is the second part of my fictional postΒ NOWHEREΒ on the blog PEPPRBOOK πŸ™‚


Little Things 😊

I am happy to share this beautiful Christmas star I hung on my balcony with the help of my best friend 😊☺️ I am super happy to do this little thing which brought the Christmas spirit in me πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚

In the last few months, I changed or achieved different perspectives especially how to react to the crisis points. Any situations of crisis increase the stress right at the instance of hearing or recognizing them. The very response would be “Oh my God why is this happening with me all the time? ” That states our very basic instinct of looking at the worst or zooming the negative aspects of every such situation. This way slowly causes shifting our entire method of thought processing and we almost forget to see or appreciate the good things happening in our life. I too was totally in such a way of thinking πŸ€” I was hoarding so many situations and never felt in peace with myself.

I did take a sudden break and some unknown things made me think in an opposite way. Finding the positive things in all the hardships or crisis or extreme instances of tension in my life. It was an analysis of my past. I found how much stronger and better I became from all those situations and I felt grateful for such experiences and people who were the reasons behind it πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚ Also I began to find time for the little things which made me happy. It could be just smiling at the unknown children or wishing ‘good morning’ to the elderly lady who comes to clean our lab everyday morning. I got back to reading books which included stories, novels, memories, travelogues, essays. I was finding many reasons to feel joy and my joy increases with the start of meditation πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ I found a perfect app for it which even has deep sleep meditation and I got deep sleep 😴 I began to practice gratitude πŸ™ Everyday in the morning I so write in my gratitude journal πŸ““ What about you? Do you express gratitude?

Coming Back πŸ˜Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™

After a huge gap, i decided to write. It’s time to get back to my platform where I have things to convey to YOU. So where was I? When did I leave? What did I do while I wasn’t writing? Technically I was present in the WP but wasn’t attempting anything productive. Yeah, but I did keep on posting few of my random instagram quotes with possible translation. I was grounding myself and was on a searching mission. Searching for topics which I should be writing. I was/am on a learning process. I was reading more, listening & discussing more. I was on a receptive mode to know more about transforming myself so that my writings should hold a quality & reflect a purpose. This doesn’t mean that I won’t attempt any fictional ideas, surely I’ll. I wanted to convert my blog to be a more meaningful platform. The things which I would like to convey had to be personally implemented & experienced by myself for the authenticity of purpose. Few months back, I had started a blog category “SELF CARE: MIND, BODY & SOUL”. While hunting materials for that I was unknowingly imbibing many new ideas & better things which could simplify life. Even now I am learning. My views about many things changed and that made things look better and easy.

Our count down has already began for 2018 and many of us would have already come up with their new year resolutions. Are you waiting for the 1st of Jan to begin them or have you already started? ( I would like to hear your resolutions). Though I have been a person who doesn’t accept book suggestions, I changed that habit instead started writing down them, search them & add them “to buy list. Some of them I already got and finished reading. Thanks to the good friends who helped me choose those wonderful books. My reading quality is slowly improving πŸ™‚ As per of new routine, I wish to do my blog writing homework done on weekends and will also continue my “Wordly Wednesday” category on every Wednesday which introduce new words which I come across.

I was making a routine for many new things that I am finding time to do those which I really find joy in doing. This includes meditation, gratitude journal, keeping expense records, daily journaling, daily quotes, reducing plastic use, minimising the production of waste, bringing sustainability & eco-friendly approaches to my daily chores etc.

So to start any of this, I had to cross my personal hurdles. I had to stop procrastination, resist the resistance to writing & reading and last but not the least I had to DECLUTTER. That was the biggest and toughest tasks. I already began the process & still not achieved 100%. I can find and feel a tremendous difference now itself. Now I am never going back to the mess and hence I should start writing about my choices/decisions/ ways/ steps of my path. In some way at some point, my mere blog write up could spark/hold an inspiration to someone 😊☺️ I’ll be writing about it ( though I am not sure about how to organize step by step my writing method) in the upcoming days πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚Hope you could also find it implemented in life.

Thank you for sharing your valuable time for reading my write up😊 Also sharing an internet image which could be worth reading πŸ“–


Does the process of writing down my deep rooted fears into paper could be named as literary? If so by attempting such method of writing, I am on a journey from my fear to life; a life journey to attain strength and reinforced soul.

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