my first attempt……


Yes, its my first attempt in writing a blog. From a long time, this thought has been there in me (in a beep mode). Few friends also motivated me…..There existed a confusion too…which language do i prefer to express: english or malayalam? I use both languages depending on mood. Even now i have that doubt: may be i should try both 🙂 I am not too consistent in writing daily basis. From my childhood, i was more attached to books and had the habit of writing diary. It could be about a book or movie or anything.  But i wasn’t much a complain box to my diaries. There has been few motivations too. One of them was a female character from a malayalam movie “Aranyakam”. Yet i felt i should scribble down my thoughts….. Its late in the evening and all of a sudden i had the spark to start….i got a suggestion when i said that i am thinking of a blog…”don’t let sadness reflect in your writing!”. Its not necessary that i should write only when i am frustrated or reflect my opinion regarding any imbalance i see around me. I am shy/ little afraid too…in writing. Conscious about whether there will be repetition of statements/over explanation of situations, vocabulary etc etc….all the inertia reasons for a beginner blogger…

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