The window view…


This is all about what the title says… Its about the things what i see from the window. A window facing a city named Mumbai. One of the heavily populated metropolitan city in my country (India).

“A city which holds dreams of survival/existence, passion, life and livelihood for millions of its inhabitants. A city that never sleep! “

Buildings, big and small that’s all i could see, that too in all directions. Small ones are getting replaced by big ones within no time. Earlier this city held 2 or 3 storied buildings but now its becoming 20 or more. this city now looks like a forest of tall structures where man seem to be tiniest.  From a distance all these flats look like match boxes stacked in order. Every now and then i could see pigeons flying in and out of several balconies. They started getting urbanized too. They have their nests on the shades of windows and unopened doors. How can they survive without adapting to urbanization? There aren’t any trees or natural shades for them. In between these giants there exists landscaping done to beautify them. The fine line of green patches include  palm trees which cant support any nests. 

My office plus hostel has its back and front side already facing to tall apartments of 17 or 20 floors. My office is just 4 storied building with lots of space – good garden in and around. Now only left and right side is spared for the window view. On left side of my office a new building construction has already started. Only ground floor with parking area has been completed. Long slender iron bars are projected over the concrete. People are working irrespective of the scorching summer. During my working time, i could gaze out for a long view with little struggle through the giants, where i could only see buildings at far distance. Some pieces of blue sky with white floating clouds on sunny days. The roads around always seen with its inevitable traffic. Man is always in a rush for one thing or the other. No one has time to be in peace with self. 


Two months back right side of my building  had a comparatively big plot covered with marshy plants. Once upon a time this was mangrove region with sea influxes. Now there isn’t any hint left behind which says that this was linked to sea ever…The whole plot has been filled with mud/soil leftovers from deconstructed buildings. The area is clear without even a small grass root. Where do all those parakeets and reptiles migrated to? Everyday morning i could see several pigeons roaming in search of food on that ground. Summer has become so sweltering that there isn’t any options to get water other than shops. What will happen to these birds and animals. From a distance i could notice only broken concrete and brick pieces. In another few months this land will also start preparing to hold another concrete giant. It will soon restrict my bed room window view to confined colored walls and windows of hundreds of people who will be inhabiting their new dream comforts- comfort for owning a home!



PS: Pic courtesy to Pinterest and Google since i couldn’t capture any pic of my window view.