bliss of chaos!


Does this starting pic seem to be chaotic for the readers? Ha ha…. I really don’t know, it could be. Just depend on the reader’s perception. No complains nor ill feelings. It reflects the thousands and thousands of thoughts occurring in our brain.  Anyway i prefer to begin each of my post with a pic which seem apt for the concept i write 🙂

Many a times the term “Chaos” is accepted/used in a negative meaning.My memory opaquely reminded me hearing the term for the first time in my history class on 9 or 10th grade when we had to learn about the initial Indian independence riots or movements. Every human mind come across this word in one way or the other (personal/professional). The intensity of chaos too varies. When we are in the middle of solving many puzzles of life, at least for some time we lose our focus/track and could black out. It isn’t intentional but it happens. We need to solve the puzzle, we can’t step ahead without that. We get drained of energy with vast variety of huddles we face in our day to day life.

The best example for such persons who have survived almost all the chaos in life would be our MOTHERS! I am not neglecting /nullifying the efforts/ role of our fathers. From the tiniest thing of home making to giving hand to her children during the hardest time even when they are grown up mostly possible for them. Multi talented and super active 24 x 7 till their last breath.If they failed at times of hardships, we wouldn’t be living easy life. They were able to tackle situations no matter how hard it was for them. Their life is their biggest message for us. They didn’t accept failure. If they can handle problems of life with patience, why can’t we. We too can do it. At the time of chaos we need to utilize for our life’s best/better performance.


I am a slow mover. It has caused me piling up of tasks at certain/many times ( i know its not a good habit to boast on ). I had faced last minute rush for finishing the task. Then like winning a lottery a series of unexpected deadlines, discussions, presentations, field works, experiments all comes in super train speed. This last minute rush happens when i have only one week away from the final day. To be honest, i enjoy this rush of targets. This really had boosted up my energy, making me avoid breaks and get me finely tuned for the best performance of mine 🙂 The bottom pic quote i had added just coz of the positive kick which i receive while i work solving the chaotic puzzles in my life. I don’t recommend procrastination to anyone since its hard to tackle. Certain times we happen to finish things at last minute. We shouldn’t tremble down with the count down, instead we should take deep breath, relax and focus on finishing our goals. We will be revealed how MAGNIFICENT we can be!

Written for Daily Prompts 

Even though i can write daily, its helping me to exercise my thinking & writing a lot 🙂