stress buster attempts…

Camera360_2016_5_10_011108Attempt to color my time….

PS: I am not good in editing pics :p

I recently read articles and face book posts suggesting that doing coloring can do stress relief and relax our mind.  May be the fondness for colors made me pick colors.I got color pencils, oil paints, sketch pens, gel pens etc during my local store haul. With enthusiasm and curiosity of a child i started my attempt to sketch randomly. I could find easy pics/illustrations/ doodling art from Pinterest for the beginning.My mind slowly brushed up my botany graduation time  plant family illustrations. It was under a long hibernation mode. It takes me some to get back since i am not a person of illustrative skills.The thought about color combinations, painting strokes all evokes the brain to be more creative. It do really works 🙂 I know its not about being the next Van Gogh.

I happened to came across the fb page of an artist, Mopsang Valath. You can visit to his page to see his works. His pictures are so real etchings of the country side scenes of Kerala, they call it God’s own country. Lots of elements from nature. They made me sit and go back to a nostalgic trans which i miss among these concrete city giants. I haven’t ever come across such mesmerizing depictions of my birth state 🙂 When i scrolled through them, i felt like they are talking to me. I can narrate each pic and they are able to invoke unexplained emotions/happiness in the viewer.

Again this post too has a random birth for writing exercise. So what are u waiting for! Just pick up what ever u have left aside after your school days whether its writing, sketching, dancing, photography, travelling, reading or performing anything of our passion. Do anything which can nurture the positive vibes and bring back your innocent smile which we owned in our childhood 🙂 A smile, which took its birth in your heart. Its all about keeping our spirits more LIVELY 🙂