taste of kerala :)

The year 2016 begin for me placing me in a new city, one of the most famous metropolitan city of my country, MUMBAI. I felt to be a small soul among the ocean of dreamers. This city holds millions of people far across the country. One thing i must appreciate i was prompted to write more for my blog when i entered this city. A city of concrete giants. Day or night, i could see only them where ever i turned my head. To make you guys believe i had googled two aerial view of this city 🙂 Isn’t it big?



So are you confused?  Confused about my title with the introductory paragraph. The title says about Kerala, the southern most state and my narration had no linked to it. In fact Kerala and Mumbai are at two distant places. So what is the link and what am i trying to say? No more curiosity build ups. 
I belong to a state at the southern most part of India, KERALA and as this country is known for its diversity i too hold a tinge of diversity whether its skill/ taste/opinions.  In the past 6 years i haven’t missed anything this much as i miss in the past few months. Its non other than the CUISINE of my state. Being in Goa, i learned to cook fairly enough for my sustenance. A research scholar won’t be holding consistent patience to spare time for routine cooking. Even i didn’t, i am n’t ashamed to admit my lack of promptness for that. I know that I shouldn’t be stringent in my food tastes too, since its just the survival matters during the research period. 

This stage of life is not at all smooth. This holds periodic mode of happiness, fun time, frustrations/ depressions/ loneliness/ stubbornness/ failure/anger and many more unexplained emotions. At the topmost mode of chaos, i can be brought back to normal by one simple formula. Its my favorite cuisine. The traditional cuisine from my state. Even though i am a non vegetarian, i am more fond of vegetarian food. The grand feast has more than 20 dishes (i am not exactly sure about the numbers). The busy schedules never lemme make the whole set of dishes.  I try to stay calm for sometime, think about the tasty mouth watering feast. I will be visualizing the feast in my mind at that time.  OMG……i feel so relaxed yet eager to eat any one of them with my main course: RICE. Then within next few hours, i will keep aside every thing else and get back to my kitchen 🙂 I will be trying hard to get the exact taste similar to what my mother prepares (i fail most of the times :p after all moms belongs to superwoman category 🙂 ). I will still be satisfied with the somewhat similar dish ( i can compromise a little 🙂 ). Huhhh…. after everything is settled, time comes for making my tummy happy.

The first spoon of food (we eat with bare hands ) will take more than usual time. That’s the time i give for my entire taste buds to recollect its long forgotten taste. A taste forgotten far behind due to professional stuffs (which keep me away from my home 😦 ) This first spoon will be responsible for bringing the satisfaction for me, making me totally relaxed. Its an amazing feeling and it too make me forget all my tensions. I feel so light hearten (positive meaning). I should confess that i am foody. After coming to this place i was literally away from the vicinity of kitchen and have to adjust canteen food. Visions of tasty cuisines make me sad but how can i accept failure 🙂

This city too holds few restaurants with authentic Taste of Kerala. Even the restaurant holds the same name 🙂 Its far away from where i reside now. Yet i had visited four restaurants. I had to travel across the city to reach there. Many a times after work on weekends i reach there to have my lunch at 5.30pm. I don’t know how i survive till that time without lunch. It could be just the sweet VISION for have a heart plus tummy vegetarian lunch 🙂 🙂 🙂

Kerala Vegetarian Lunch 🙂

Are you surprised how i could eat this much?  😀 (i skip dinner 😉 )
Daliy Prompt: Vision

Another word on Daily prompt is “Vision”. I saw few daily prompt posts too. I was trying hard to think what will be coming when i hear the word “vision”  I know that by the time i upload this post the daily prompt would have given the next target. My brain sparks little delayed 😉