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c156fa5dd05bb1fa56af5c4619068871READ ONLY IF U HAVE SOME FREE TIME : It’s a request, this might seem to be a lengthy post (prior informing since i don’t wanna take anyone’s time from busy schedule while going through the regular posts. It may seem self demotivating & could reduce the visitors. Still i felt i should say it  🙂 )

I was so much confused about my next post. Even though i had few notes on what i should write, i still thought of taking some more time before i do the next. I kept on reading many posts and came across many good things from my fellow blog writers. Few mentioned about how to make perfection for blog or write articles or about travel or about book collections/readings, movies etc etc. I felt like sharing few things over the last weekend in my life. But i didn’t find it too acceptable. As usual i kept surfing pics in Pinterest without any specific reason and got some good ones which i thought of posting here with my thoughts about it 🙂 Most of them are related to books.

Books always seems to be part of our comfy ideology. Every child steps into their world of imaginations with a beautiful phrase “Once upon a time” 🙂 Stories of kings, queens, pirates, magic, fairies, witches, treasures and many more. Many a times, this will be laying foundation of their life in relation to books and reading. Unending requests and queries on bedtime stories…sometimes even make the parents tiring :p Even after learning how to read children (including me) loved to hear elders reading for them. As part of growing up, many of us reserved part of our time for the books or library some even fell for cartoon channels. Proud moments of taking library books home or getting books as gifts, finishing home works quickly  to get back to reading. Looking forward for the weekends and holidays to continue reading. Roaming around the garden with the favorite books and falling asleep while reading outside the house. Hiding books when parents come for surveillance especially during exam study days :p

Most of the bookworms hold the wish for a library. Some give away their books after reading (generous hearten ones). I have felt this statement to be correct about bookworms, they do leave behind a treasure for the next generation. I don’t feel being greedy for books. Lending the books have always brought a pain once or many times. I am a victim of losing books. I don’t lend anymore unless i trust the recipient to be a book lover. Any type of mishandling of books also created intolerance in me. I have found stains on the beautiful book cover, folding of pages, leaving it on the floor etc  😦

With the passing years the reading habit faced many changes. Some people lose their affinity and for some it just increases and took the form of addiction. Whenever i enter a library or bookstore, i deeply sigh with a thought; will i be ever able to finish reading or die without reading enough amount of books. All of them hold so many lives and lessons ready to be narrated. Spending time in a library was never enough for me. The smell of old and new books gush into the nostrils as soon as we move towards our favorite /usual book shelves. Coming back from a book haul creates a mix feeling. eagerness to smell, read and catalog the new ones and feeling of losing for not choosing the ones which i left at the shop. I have always felt extreme happiness whenever i go to second hand book shops, where i could dig out very old and rare books that too at lowest price. My main motto at such a shop will be how many i can carry home. I will be generous enough to spend more time than doing any other personal shopping hours, just to get the best 🙂 I won’t be rushing to finish all the books at a time. Even if i grab many books, it might take years before i come to any one particular book among them. I select any of them randomly. I still hold many books like that . Many a times my parents ask, did u finish all the other books before u picked the new ones. I just giggle and leave them unanswered :p How can i explain them about my addiction and the logic of reading book isn’t based on first bought first read aspect. I don’t know whether many of you are like that or not. 

In the early times of a person when before they just start thinking of what type of books to read, it will be a mixed approach. I kept my hand early on fiction itself. I had shifted from my regional language (Malayalam; which has so many veteran authors) to English during the 12th grade. I wasn’t aware about the genre of books. As a school girl i started with R.K. Narayan, Ruskin Bond, Sydney Sheldon, Robin Cook etc mostly novels. Adolescent fantasy novels were also not spared.  Later on selecting books were more precise. Classics became the major target and in between reading book series were also fun 😀 The sadness of finishing the one book of a series and waiting eagerly for the next, it was miserable whether its for Twilight saga (Stephanie Meyer), Harry Porter series, All life trilogy (Deborah Harkness- Historical fiction). I was mad enough to read Twilight for 21 times :p I really enjoyed reading different types of book series 🙂 

Reading and rain has a good connection. Rain creates the laziness in us and we prefer to stay inside our home watching the rain or staying near the fireside. They have been several instances when i was not saved from rain while getting back from school and was worried about drying the library book dripping from rain. Many a times i had kept polythene bag just to keep the books secure more than my school books. During the rainy season, electricity shutdown becomes very often in my village and many a times i trusted on oil lamps/kerosene for continuing reading beyond midnight. Many distractions were the rainy seasonal insects flying around the lamp and which will indirectly get mother’s scolding for getting the flies inside 😦 Another rainy season has started two days back at Kerala bringing back several memories to me when i am staying far away from home and keep missing the rain and lush green essence of my village 😦

Books have been part of human kind from so many centuries and reading has taken many transformations from papyrus to paper to Kindle or audio books. The advancements have many pros and cons. I do support the typical paper book reading style, yet many a times had to accept the positives too.  Compatible for travel, storage of many books, less price, save trees, no waiting time/  shipping cost for online ordered paper books, availability of millions of books at your fingertip etc etc. All these has made me too to think for a Kindle eBook reader. I had it in my wishlist from 3 years back and finally last weekend i could own one my own 🙂 🙂 🙂 It was totally unexpected since i had a confusion of Kindle versus iPad. I was more into reading than watching movie while travelling and finally when i got it,I wasn’t anymore holding a doubt. Seeing it at the crossword shop i had the answer. This is what i have been wanting for…a perfect companion for keeping up my reading, love for books and i don’t mind being called for ORD or Bibliobibuli 🙂 🙂 🙂

I thought i should share my initial primate type gestures after switching on my Kindle  🙂

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