Its been one week after my last post. I have been in a story telling mode and this is random one which could be a preface (distantly related) to a story plot which i might upload as a series (haven’t secured enough confidence to write an entire story i guess).  The title and the image seem to be less correlated at first impression. But on a second thought we will have to think what should be the first emotional face to be fixed for such a title: happy, sad, confused, anger or any of the innumerable face we hold in our life time? I was perplexed and hence its faceless!

Even now when i started with one statement i don’t hold the complete idea about this post. As usual my post will be filled with different images , i am not ready to change that trend even in this one. But definitely i hold a specially to all the pics, most of them are female 🙂 This holds the images after an extensive time consumed surfing at internet. Being proud to be a woman i do feel like expressing or sharing a recollection about the faces. I just hold a vague sketch of some points which i hope i could pen down and make it reach effectively to the readers out there (staying positive) 🙂 

Childhood: You and me might have had memorable childhood filled with easy/uneasy/ sad/ happy/ silent/naughty days. Being with grandparents or siblings or family. There had been childhoods spent along roads, orphanage and many more difficult ways where the innocence of every child is hurt and leave behind haunted memories (child trafficking, pedophilia attacks and what all horrible things) for their entire life time.  Before beginning the life itself they are at the fear of smiling from heart.

Before the end of childhood, many are injected by the so called grown ups the ” DO’s & DON’T “. On whom to talk, when to smile, where to walk and even the child imbibes the averted mentality of skin color differentiated approaches from the grown ups! Many around us spent time working hard for the family at tender age when they are supposed to receive free education at school, a time when they should be building up friendship with nature and fellow beings. A time when they have to be just kids , they hold the mask of a matured, dealing household matters. Instead of pencils and colors, they hold tools or table cleaning clothes or begging around the streets/trains or selling goods (including drugs). They do’t have time to play. Their shoulders have bend down due to the heaviness we placed over them. They forgot the beautiful childhood which they deserved 😦

Crossing the childhood and entering into new phase of life were, welcomed by the emotions of survival and rising above the hardships, dreaming for independent life, feeling more beautiful and confident, fighting to hold with time, openness to accept the newness,  being more into self, feeling grateful to enjoy the tiniest things and beauty around us, holding onto the dreams and making them true. 

Some enter into family, relationships, parenting, courtships all adding new emotions and faces to life. Sense of sharing happiness and sadness, being together at ups and downs and being role models for their off springs. 

Many stuck in their own personal cages created by mind or society. The feeling of loneliness, depression, disease, failure, unstable profession, anxiety all add to the various faces in our lives.A helping hand or kind words would save many people among us who suffer without our knowledge. Lets be more patient, kind and held out a helping hand next time when we go out of our shelter, we may be giving or bring back them to a new life 🙂

Pursuing the dreams has always been challenging for all most all the females around the globe no matter which caste/tribe they belonged to. Dance forms being one of the most feminine area for them to express their true spirit. Years and years of hard work and dedication neglecting the tiredness or complains of their body. It give them an amazing feeling when they finally perform on the stage. Nothing or nobody to hold them back, they just being themselves and crowned with their lives most beautiful smile, a grateful heart at the sound of appreciation from the audience 🙂 Lets be more grateful and hold a heart ready to appreciate our fellow beings, no matter whether their deeds are small/big 🙂

Years may bring wrinkles and weakness to their bones. But they still hold the same heart with experiences of entire life time. Feeding, earning, upbringing, sharing, tolerating, sacrificing and silently getting exploited, fighting alone & losing their loved ones, they stand for their family and values. They deserve respect, peace and harmony from their younger ones. We owe our lives to them, if they didn’t survive, we wouldn’t have ever seen this beautiful world. They need to be looked after when they are at the stage of fragility. Lets not forget them, lets love them more ♥ and give respect for the faces they freely/forcefully accepted for us!

Let their spirits be left free! Let them be what they want…a teacher/mother/entrepreneur/ wife/friend/sister or any of the numerous faces they want to hold. But don’t let them be FACELESS! And also lets help in getting back their faces by letting them get what they deserve. A place in your heart, a word of mercy/gratefulness/ confidence and hand to support in case if she trembles.  They hold the key of creativity and making them free, make the world more beautiful. Let nobody reign our souls anymore. Let U & ME, be the queens of our life 🙂 🙂 🙂

PS: i don’t know whether i could explain at least 1% of my intended thoughts for the feminine roles played in the day today life.  This doesn’t lessen the significance of the masculine. Its an attempt (i guess the images are expressive than my writing :p ), hope someday i could express more precisely. 


34 thoughts on “faces…”

  1. Interesting blog. i appreciate the time you spend to choose this pictures. what is life? we all are moving from one stage to another without making much noise. In the end silence. What is the purpose of this ??? Let me put it in an another way? After all, it is fun going?

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    1. thanks dear. More than a story, these has been the realities what i have heard or seen around me… i even failed to say about survivors of acid attacks and other brutalities 😦

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      1. Oh my! I don’t know why it got “corrected” into “beautiful”! I know it’s not only a story. I was a guest in a talk held by a victim and it was sickening what was done to her… Brutalities indeed!

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