drawing attempt :p


I started doing this almost five months back and recently got reminded about this sketching. So i decided to finish it and upload it 🙂 Its just one of my instantaneous craze for colors…I tried to use all bold shades…after all who doesn’t like to color. Lets make our life more colorful and add color to other fellow souls too by our small deeds… 🙂
Let us keep writing and be more creative 🙂

with love


22 thoughts on “drawing attempt :p”

  1. Good one, but i feel if you fill those white paces it would turn something into magical 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    ** art works are always a work in progress, artist stops at the moment where he/she feels like**

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  2. Abstract spaces filled with colors of true feelings
    From the world of imagination, they blend into reality
    Curls and swirls embrace the feelings with elegance
    Unique designs grace the blank spaces in artistic fervor
    Artist’s creativity blossoms with merriment in colors ~ Amitav

    Few lines one seeing this beautiful artwork from you. 🙂

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