first love: part 6


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None of my dreams seemed to have a lifespan, not even now. My dreams remained just within me, untold and untouched!!! Never let anyone and i wasn’t sure to show my dreams to anyone else after you. Destiny changed everything and washed away ashore all those dreams. Seasons crossed my life and you are back once again into my life. This time you held out dreams for me and asked me to color them. This seems like a cycle of life. But I don’t have any more colors…..unknowingly this time destiny washed away even the tiny drop of colors from me. I wish to see those dreams together with you someday. May be if we happen to have a REBIRTH.

By the time he finished reading up to this, he found the remaining pages of the diary blank. There were few imprints of drops over her last written sentence. It was spread over her words and faded the ink little here and there. She must have been holding back all the time and might have let herself cry out. He felt pain deep inside his heart. ” If she was this much in love, why is she holding back even now?” he couldn’t find answer that even then. He decided to wait for her arrival. She hasn’t mentioned about her return time or date specifically.

Holding a lit candle that is melting on the hand on a dark background

Few days passed. He got no news of her. The thoughts about her haunted him intermittently. One fine morning, he was informed from the reception desk about a lady visitor. After few minutes, he found a tall lady at his cabin door step. She introduced herself as Ann John, friend of Ira. Luke, that’s my name, i introduced myself. Ira, that’s her name. Its a welsh name for snow. Her name itself gives her unique space among others. The arrival of this new visitor perplexed him. Ann informed that Ira wants to meet him, but due to her schedule she couldn’t make it up to him. In case if he is free, he could give her a visit. She passed the message through Ann. Ann will be going to Ira’s place day after tomorrow. Nothing to think, i should be going, Luke thought. At his apartment he packed his bag with needs for few days and waited for the Ann’s arrival. He was excited to meet Ira. They are going to meet after so long and his mind was ready with the same invitation for her. 


It was the beginning of winter season and the car took them with ease through the hair pin loops of the hills. Its been two hours since they have started the journey yet two more hours to go. He was informed about the climate and his jacket saved him from chill winds piercing his nerves. “Why didn’t she call me? When did she got back to the country? What kind of work does her company had assigned for her at a place like hill station? ” He had so many questions to ask her. It was noon time and they halted for lunch. He found a local florist near by the restaurant and got a bunch of white roses for her. The misty mountains never let anyone know the passing of each day.
They continued the journey and Luke slipped into a sleep. By the time car reached the hill top it was evening. Ann woke him up. He looked around and saw themselves in front of an old two storied building covered with green mossy mat and long veranda on both levels. 


Where are we? he couldn’t stop asking. His eyes couldn’t locate any name plate for the hotel. He looked in anguish to Ann. She asked him to follow her. The place was beautiful and calm, the hotel area was surrounded by trees. He felt relaxed by the sight around him. Ira guided him to the corner of the ground floor and they climbed stairs to the first floor.  The building seemed very clean and arranged according to an ancient style somewhat of 18th century. How come Ira ended up here. She would have fallen in love with this place and might have forgotten about  rest of the world. It was such enchanting beauty. He felt sorry for criticizing her in his mind. 


Ann stopped in front of a room and faced Luke. Whole through the journey, He noticed Ann to remain silent and worried about something in her thoughts. He refrained from asking her, he didn’t wanted any personal comments.  She showed me way inside to the room. The room was dim lighted with curtains covering the long windows and a bed with mosquito net was centered in the big room. Luke could find a figurine on the bed. She was sleeping facing towards the wall. He called her “Ira” and didn’t get any response. Ann stopped him calling her further. She took him out of the room. With a deep exhale she said: “Luke, you need to be calm when you hear this. Ira is going through her last stages of life…” There was a moment of silence. It was hard to swallow the truth. Ann could understand the questions and doubts bubbling in his mind.  He couldn’t listen to Ann’s words anymore. Something else was happening with him.

A voice was rumbling in his head: she was in great pain, a pain which was beyond words or his imagination!!! 


30 thoughts on “first love: part 6”

    1. 🙂 good morning Josh… most welcome with suggestions. I know that this chapter is having predictable destiny. But still i wrote it since i believe it could be made different if i try to add some more detailed elements….so that is a challenge for myself..lets see 🙂

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    1. hihi….”പോക്കിരിരാജ സിനിമയിൽ പറയുംപോലെ നമ്മള് ഫുൾ ട്വിസ്റ്റ് ഇന്റെ ആളാണ്…”
      ട്വിസ്റ്റ് ഉണ്ടാകുമോ എന്ന് അറിയില്ലാ but i will be trying to pen down the intricate emotions of a girl(i will picture myself) who is expecting her death…and how to say goodbye to the loved ones and leave the signature of her life 🙂

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  1. OMG….your writing pierces through me and makes me feel every detail of it like it was happening to me. You are amazing and I am glad to have found your blog and even more happier that I could read all the 6 parts of the story at a shot (I would have died of suspense) ….waiting for the next one 🙂
    Much love to you ❤

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