for the writers….

For all the writers out there, these are the duties of their organs…are we letting the organs function properly? Let us have a look… 🙂


I guess every writer will wish for such a brilliant device. Suppose if we had such a device, have you thought about the quantum of works being generated??? 


Lastly, I guess all of us wish to work like this hard for putting up our creativity….many will be working day and night with lots of hardships and pain to achieve their dream writing activity…..but that won’t be the picture for many 🙂 Scroll down to know the status for the rest of them including ME!!!



Waiting for the creative spark!!!
(Oh guys…we aren’t sleeping..okay… Just soothing our brain to give us the spark 🙂 🙂 🙂 )


About elaine

Dreaming to be a marine biologist someday..... Reading, writing, music, movies, travel, art etc. have been a part of my life from a long time. I hold madness....i love to share happiness and i am happy when i see smiles in the faces. I am weird and hybrid in my thoughts and tastes....Proud to be a Leo!

68 responses to “for the writers….

  1. Such a good post Elaine! I seriously wish there was a device invented like that which would capture our ideas and jot it down. So many ideas come to me at night, but in the morning it’s a clean slate😢

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  2. Muse is gone out for a walk :p

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  3. Yes…!!you are right…you know our thumb likes to tap…rather than to fold…this is a sign of brain#DISTRUCTION…
    thank u for the #CAUTION…

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  4. good, you write more and more, the creativity is always there in your brain. I think the physical part is more important. I read so many writers way of working. most of them sit 9 to 10 hours in a place. write atleast 4 to 5 hours daily and rest of the time edit and do the reading which help them to write on a particular subject. Read the interviews here. i am very curious about this and enjoying reading it. Regards.

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  5. Oh my, this was adorable! I’m going to look forward to following your blog.

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  6. Very interesting and humorous

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  7. kollam kollam…nice post… aalu formil aanallo..

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  8. Very interesting read!! Need to find a device to jot the ideas especially at mid night. Honestly I think a lot in my shower😉😂. That is where it ignites my topics in writing😂😂

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  9. Only a writer can WRITE this. So true!


  10. I really love the idea of having a writing device. I’m sure all of us writers would have experienced it at some point in time when we are at our creative high but are unable to pen it down…such a blessing this device would be at those times 🙂

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  11. Hahaha what a lovely post!! 😄😄

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  12. clay1waters

    This is amazing!

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  13. This was a great post! I loved it and it was very inspirational. Maybe you could take a look at my blog and I’d be happy to exchange likes on the posts we like and a follow!

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  14. hii, really well written, Kindly chk such interesting post on: –


  15. The picture of the girl with her laptop and headphones on is a perfect depiction of me when I’m writing. I love this post!
    I’ve also started a blog about my life as a writer if you wanted to check it out and tell me what you think

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