i do ask…

When I am writing something fictional, I do ask myself this question…. 🙂 😀 🙂 :p




27 thoughts on “i do ask…”

      1. But sometimes these characters turn into our real friends and we just don’t know when it did happen…
        We start to care about them and love to hang out with them more than the real ones…
        😂😂 haha I am weird….

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      2. You are not weird, we can’t stop such phenomenon. Recently i happened to tell my beloved about such a lady writer, Rajalakshmi (Kerala, India). She was a brillant writer but was alleged for her novel characters. She couldn’t take it any longer and she committed suicide. Before her death one of her novel was being published weekly on a reputed magazine, she withdrew it, burned the rest of the story. She died at the age below/near to 40 i guess. Her novel was published as her unfinished last novel. In her suicidal note, she said i can’t stop writing, i can’t feel alive and if i am stopped from writing, i better chose death ( the statement is not the exact one, i have read it some where, but the meaning is almost similar).

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      3. Ookkk, that means it was something long time back…
        This mentality is really ridiculous because the person who made every child’s childhood special by their writing is a woman, J K Rowling…

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