in flames…

Hai, I am Elaine. My full name is ELAINE AMMINI SABU. So why do I have to mention my full name in my own blog post. What is the point? The point is to tell you about a word written below… “AMMINIKUTTY”. “Ammini” it is my mom’s name, which means  “a little part of the mother” (Yes, I am a tiny part of my mother) and “Kutty” means kid in my native tongue.  
{After several days I am making a random instantaneous post… 🙂  This time original pics 🙂 , that too from my personal collection… since the topic is right for me 🙂 I am there in the below image} 


The first pic has just my pet name written on the sandy beachside. It was written by someone else 🙂 😉 :p There was a time of unique lone times of mine with ups and downs… In the second pic, I have added another pet name, next to mine 🙂 Now the seasons have changed, no more space for alone times. If I have to be specific the real meaningful gap between the first and the second one is 14 years… It took 14 years to get that name written next to mine. I never knew that the something i wished for 14 years back will be coming back to me. All of a sudden, my wish came back to my door, from nowhere, just for ME! 


The third image… now that is MY DREAM oops …OUR DREAM (waiting for this to be the reality soon) 🙂 🙂 🙂




29 thoughts on “in flames…”

      1. Thank you beautiful Soul…. Wish Universe hears your wishes for mine to be true because somehow the Source which created my Soul Mate has stopped seeing that I am still alive.

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      2. hey never think like that…. Either we succeed or learn a new lesson, there should be no such word of “failure” in dictionary 🙂
        The supreme had seen u and know the extreme survival instinct of u…lets take it that way 🙂 😀 🙂
        i know it might be hard to be in ur shoes and accept this…


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