a part of me…

I have to admit that this had happened with me most of the times when my “to buy book list” grows day by day.


Is this just the case me or anyone else also have this? I would like to know…. 🙂


46 thoughts on “a part of me…”

    1. 😀 same pinch
      I will be having the hectic tie when i will be shifting back to home from my present room. Same thing happened during my post graduation too…my parents are gonna have a tough time with me :p

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      1. ayyo athu nammude “ramji rao speaking” le janardhan inte character name aanu….just used for the time being….sshho…aa tamasha yude death certficate aayeello 😦

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  1. Ha ha……good one Elaine. Can relate to it so well. All four of us read a lot at home. So it was books n more books all the way. I have lost count of the books I have donated once my kids grew slightly older. Most of my shelves at home are full of books. Last time when shifted our house, the packers were saying that they never packed so many books at any house before ;-). Now thanks to kindle, I am trying to avoid buying more books….. though I prefer the touch n feel of books any day to the kindle.

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    1. OMG….radhika its so nice to hear you…my main demand to my new family (my better half) was a room for my books, a table and chair to continue my writing 🙂 I have Kindle, it reduces the travel luggage… still i try to resist buying hard copies 🙂

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    1. can u help me clear one doubt… in amazon when we buy kindle version book, can we buy more than one book at a time with payment clubbed together? i tried to buy two books together but i failed 😦


    1. Thank u Rose. I am a great fan of Sarah Andersen comics. I have collected so many of this series, and once in a while i feel posting them when i am not writing anything seriously. 🙂


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