“It has been a very long day. I have been travelling for so many days in the ship. There had been many a time I wanted to quit this job. Being a sailor had been a boon and bane for me. This kept me away from my family. Now I am on my way back to my home. Home, a place where my soul always wanted to be.  For past 6 months, I sent them two letters from two ports where our ship halted for few days during the journey. My letters of being well at my job would have brought a great peace to my family. My mother and father would be calm and wife would rejoice silently with a smiling exhale. My children would be running around the grown-ups while they hear about my ship set sailing back to our port. Today my ship anchored at the port in morning. I bid bye to my fellowmen and started for home. We will be sailing after two months and captain will post letters for all his employs once the next sailing time is fixed. 

The old caravan took its passengers from the port and moved towards the town. It will cross several villages in the valleys and cross the mountain to reach the far away town. It was congested with people and luggage/trade materials from the port. On my way back, I tried to forget my hardships at the sea and recollected my thoughts about my home. At home, nobody knows my arrival. I will be reaching in another one hour. My village is third next from the port. I will reach before noon. The sky was clear and nature was lush green. The caravan drew away after dropping me on the road. I stayed at the side of the dusty road for few minutes looking at the dusty trail left by departing caravan. In a moment I gained my mind and looked around. I could feel a warm breeze welcoming me. It lessened my weariness a bit and brought a smile. I took my bags and started walking across the fields. The fields had the young corn plants all over, for the crop season.  

Now I could see my home, my heart started fluttering with joy. I was standing at the end of corn-field. Between me and my home, now lies just one grassy land where my children used to play. Once upon a time, the same grassy land held the playground for me and my four siblings. My dusty boots were brushed by the slender grassy pasture on the land. I could see the smoke curls from the chimney. My mother will be sitting near the fireplace with her usual knitting tools. She is preparing for winter. Near her, will be my father in his rocking chair, with my youngest son, Leo. He will be narrating some old stories. My dog, Bruno will be sleeping down on the floor, bored by the story. My eldest son, John and Laura younger to him will be at the barn.  Louie, younger to Laura will be in and around the kitchen . He finds joy in being with his mother. His mother, Jane will be now at the kitchen involved in her cooking.

 Jane, her thought brought an immense happiness to my thoughts. In my absence, she takes care of the entire family with great effort and never let my absence be felt for anything among them. She has been my heartthrob from my childhood. The thought of her sun-kissed golden skin during the early morning, her warm kisses on my forehead, the long walks with John along the corn-fields, brown long hair curls of Laura, tickles given by naughty Louie, milk flavored wet kisses and deep blue eyes of little Leo.  My feet gained speed to cross the land. In no time, I was standing at the front door of my home. I knocked twice….”
No one heard his knock, nor he noticed the rusted lock over the front door. He went on knocking the front door!!!

This is my 50th blog post. Hope I could keep up with readers expectations. I would love to know 🙂


35 thoughts on “home…”

      1. the question is what happened to his family? Where was he? What happened in his life which created such a gap that he hiimself doesn’t know about his family’s whereabouts? was he under captivity for a long time, may 10-20 years?


    1. thank u so much Mary. Yet this one too is my instantaneous attempt after seeing the first pic of home near grassland….that pic kept me looking at it for a long time and story was the outcome 🙂


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