who doesn’t…

Who doesn’t wish for such a comfort time?
A day away from your office and other stringent responsibilities. Being at your home with warm food, caring beloved ones (some do prefer alone time). You having the most  relaxed stress-free time with your pets around, a good book from your collection and with a hot steaming cup of coffee, sitting on an easy chair at your sit out. Creaky noises of insects from your garden with the arrival of dark, few fireflies flying randomly, cold breeze wishing you good evening by fluttering tree leaves. Being at your own self at a place far away from the cities…. Don’t you wish for something like this??? 



22 thoughts on “who doesn’t…”

  1. Where you want to be? At a valley, near a lake with your beloved one….or at home having a hot kattan with your beloved one, talking! 🙂
    Yes, breaks are refreshing! Keep smiling.

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    1. I would prefer to be reading a book with hot tea (kattan), at a dream home with a valley flowing down to the nearby lake, with beloved near around me, pet dogs next to my chair and kids going early to bed 🙂


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