This might be the last time we are walking together through this path. Tomorrow is uncertain and you might have to walk alone. I will be gone forever from the world but not from your heart. I know that every time you walk, you will be surrounded by memories of our beautiful time together. I know that its really hard for you and the last thing you ever want is letting me go. I won’t forget all those days and moments when we walked hand in hand through this beautiful path. Even when we had quarrels, you still held my hand every time we came for the walk.  Here we used to unleash all our complaints. We let every sadness, mistakes and bias wash away. No matter which season it was, we had seen these trees for such a long time. They were patient and kept on blessing us with the fresh air and made our minds rejuvenated. We walked one step at a time and you made me walk with you. Never let my tiredness overtake your willpower to complete each walk together.  We just kept telling each other “JUST BREATHE” ♥♥♥




27 thoughts on “♥JUST BREATH♥”

    1. ithu vaayichittu post engane undu ennathaanu point, whether you could get the imagination of such a man and eagerness to see his family?
      പിന്നെ “വട്ട്” — മാടമ്പള്ളിയിലെ മനോരോഗി കൂട്ടത്തിൽ ആരുവേണമെങ്കിലും ആകാം 🙂

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  1. Oru malayali ayadukondu njan verude oru tamasha paranjada mashe 😛
    Enikku manassilayadu oru bharyayum bharthavum orumichu ennum pokarulla marathinte thanalil nadannu neeengunnu right?

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  2. Njan ezhuthilul mattullavar ezhudunnadu vayichu manassilakkunnadilum oru beginner anu 🙂
    Idu oru vayassuchenna aalum ayalude shwasawum thammil nadakkunna conversation ayittanu enikku ippol thonniyadu,maybe that is the beauty of good writing 🙂

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