song cycle 🙂😄😂

I do this many times….




32 thoughts on “song cycle 🙂😄😂”

      1. Njan ivide okke thanne undu…just busy with books….finished Sudha Murthy’s one book. Started another Malayalam novel “Kali khandaki”. Pinne black &white malayalam movie “Kaathirunna Nimisham” of Kamal Hasan, 1970s I guess, Orukkam (1990)

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      2. its usual family drama, with plots of many main characters all interlinked at one point or the other 🙂 i love B&W movies, so try to watch as many as possible in malayalam. It gives more of the societal detailings of the past. Engane undu Oru muthassi Kadha?

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