for you…


It’s a brand new Monday and I thought my post should not take much time of my friends out there. Hence decided to give a beautiful visual treat. Hope you like it and lemme know how ur weekend went (I had a fairly good weekend with books: finished one children’s novel by Sudha Murthy “The Magic of the Lost Temple”, started two novels J D Salinger’s “The catcher of the Rye” and a Malayalam novel “Kali Khandaki”, cosy time with b&w movies, self-pampering time tried a new hair pack, time with loved ones, read many WP posts, had two laundry cycles etc. Thus finally ready to be in the new week) Wish you all a blessed week  🙂 🙂 🙂 



PS: Hair Pack of coconut oil with gooseberry powder kept for 3 hours  (നെല്ലിക്കാത്തളം). I heard it had given very good results for hair growth. I am more keen to have good healthy long hair by December.



15 thoughts on “for you…”

  1. Well, Weekend was nice, watched INFERNO, had Veggie Fried Rice prepared by my Sisters.. wrote some.. read book/wp.. decided to focus more on reading.. WP posting took a decision to write on weekly or once in two weeks.. **Depends on my intensity of laziness :D** And yeah don’t worry.. you will have long hairs before Dec 🙂 Happy Monday! Have a good one Elaine 🙂

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    1. ayyo athu release aayo? Me to decided to focus more on reading , Same pinch 🙂
      thank u thank u…appozhekum nellikkathalam vachu ente nossu ithiri kuranjaal veettukaarku samadhanam aakum 🙂 😀


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