Why Does Chetan Bhagat Get Your Goat

This is a longread posts i came across today and its worth reading and hence sharing both the blogs :
Why do we hate Chetan Bhagat?

Exceptionally well written….I have been thinking on this topic after i came across a review about his latest book. I haven’t ever tried any of his works so far, nor even planning to. I find more reliable and authentic writers from our country. I do read mostly from the old authors, may be its my prejuidistic mind for not having a welcoming mentality towards new authors. But i do read new works too from various states of our country either english or malayalam translation. I too believe in elite reading. When ever I come across any beginners in reading, I suggest them books of Ruskin Bond, R K Narayan etc since they write in the most simple way but evergreen and honest in the expressions of their ideas. Really worth reading article with unbiased opinions

Birdsong & Beyond


I am no fan of Chetan Bhagat (CB). The mediocrity of craft in CB’s books keeps me away from them. His tweets and columns and speeches are often terribly offensive and rather unintelligent and crass.

I cannot wish him away just as I cannot wish away the reality of Dengue and Chikungunya. Some try, of course.

UK-based journalist-writer Salil Tripathi says “He exists for readers who are new to the English language and new to the idea of reading.” Author-columnist Santosh Desai agrees, “It marks a breakthrough of sorts – writing in English becoming popular in a mainstream sort of a way, moving away from a desire to exclude, speaking to a new set of aspirations with simple but resonant stories, cocking a snook at elitism.”

Moving away from a Desire to Exclude! I am not going to focus on the Desire, but lets just go with the word Exclude…

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13 thoughts on “Why Does Chetan Bhagat Get Your Goat”

  1. Chetan is the one who injected the habit of reading into those who stayed away reading the classics, or literature stuffs, he had himself mentioned that he writes for the masses. I liked Two States very much, but after that, his works didn’t intrigued much. Yes he got a very high potentials, then this book-adaptation-to-Bollywood, suppressed the logical parts i guess. No doubt he has an audience of his own, I respect that. It’s not right to vent our anger or frustrations on people who are being successful. Respect. Be Kind. Live and let live 🙂

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    1. I do agree with the positive impact CB has given for many people on the reading aspect. Though i haven’t tried any of his work except the onscreen adaptations. I still believe that there could have been more betterment in his writing while i felt it decreasing day by day. Yes its always good to be kind , live & let live. This shouldn’t create an idea in anyone that this is the ultimatum in literature, when we ourselves (nation) itself had/have so many brilliant authors. I do agree to the fact that the capacity to understand few works could be difficult or the price rate could have an effect. If u find a guy who is interested to begin reading which books do u refer him/her?

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      1. That’s Tricky, it always depends on the background of that individual, i mean the education/ the place etc, in that case if some one is a beginner i wouldn’t refer Arundhahi or Salman Rushdie or Amitva Gosh, I would be suggesting CB for sure. Once you start reading you get to know there are different platforms ideas supplied, its a continuous process, where we rise the bar say from lift reads to ultra intellectual stuffs 🙂

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