time for a break

1d0d1113a38beec64b776cdf3a3276eaDear friends,
here onwards I will on a deep meditation (:) actually need to meet some deadlines).I am forced to take a sudden break from writing in WP… I don’t know whether I will even keep reading books or any WP posts.  Just need to finish two main things, one about profession,  and other about personal life. I guess I will be back after one month. Again this is an instantaneous decision since I will be in my full swing action mode to handle things…

Sharing a funny illustration

I wish all of you happy learning and writing time. Will be back soon….Afterall I can’t stay away for a long as you all know “I am FIRE SPIRIT” ) 🙂 😉 😀


with Love & Peace


33 thoughts on “time for a break”

  1. Oru maasamalle..shamichu! Aadyam kettappo….pinne thonni ippo kalyanam venda, oru maasam kazhinju mathi ennu parayunna pole thonni ;)) Keep Smiling. All the best for 2 prio tasks in life…hold on! Nice days ahead!

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    1. I will be here around, just won’t be able to spare any time for reading WP posts or write anything new. Yes, yes I will be back with huge bundle of stories/ fictional stuffs…plus personal write ups…i can assure u that 🙂


    1. 😅 it isn’t break at all dear sumith…in fact…now my break is over…back to hyperactive work mode….😋 but will be back to hypoactive work mode which will be more of WP writing time 😊

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