Thank you for being there


It has been one year after I started my blog…   There has been times when I wrote more than two blog posts a day and there had been times of idle weeks…passion for writing has always increased. So far just 71 posts in 365 days (i could have written 365 or more, but not at all sad about the number) 7449 views, 571 followers. A beautiful group of good souls from all around the globe who share their immense taste towards writing. I am just a beginner but welcomed happily by these souls…my heartfelt gratitude to all the people who could give your time for reading my write-ups, comments/suggestions….thank you so much for the love, support and fun I had and keeping me write, explore my own ability to weave more world of illusions…I am grateful ALSO SHARING MY FIRST BLOG POST  need-of-a-friend

I believe it is true that home is where our story begins. I started writing when I was in six or seventh grade. So many memories are there. I am really grateful to my grandparents to infuse the seeds of myths and legends into my young mind. With the passing of each day, I am realizing how important and beautiful my childhood had been and how much strongly it has been influencing me. Though I missed capturing anything legendary from my mom’s father, I still had lots of memories of farming with him. I am grateful to parents for never forcing me for studies or grades 😀  The still have my memories of waiting for the vehicle to be loaded with the harvested paddy from the field. We used to wait under big banyan trees in a sacred grove where the idols of nagas were worshiped. The memories of catching tiny fishes from the streams near to those paddy fields, flavours of freshly cooked food served in the banana leaves. 


My attempts to keep my desk neat and tidy during my school days, lending books from the library. I had longed for a typewriter that time 🙂
Last ten months I was an inhabitant of Mumbai and now the time has come for me to bid goodbye to this city.Need to start packing my belongings 🙂 This city has been so much inspiring me to attempt creative writing. I am really thankful for that.


Next week starts from Goa, and I hope I will have peace of mind to continue writing 🙂 One whole day journey by road from Mumbai to Goa 🙂  As usual, I can’t stop posting images, this post too will have few.  I believe this is just the beginning and I will keep writing. I wish the same for all of you. Thank you for being there with me 🙂 BEAUTIFUL MINDS DO INSPIRE OTHERS 🙂 You guys had given me so much support and made me start believing that I too can be a WRITER 🙂
with lots of LOVE


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    1. i will try to click some since i own a less advanced phone. I live in Goa so can do post on the cuisines and places in my own style 🙂 but being from Kerala, I prefer that over Goan ones 🙂

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