Hello everyone,
How are you guys doing? I was seriously out of WordPress especially from reading any of your posts since I had to shift back from Mumbai to Goa. It was really tiring and messed up with room cleaning and sorting. I was warmly welcomed by the network problem in the room as well  as in office due to the ongoing road constructions. I guess I will get some time to peek in between and spare some reading time in WP. Currently totally engaged in lab works and once I reach home, I have to cook. In Mumbai, Canteen run by Victor Bhaiyya really spared me from cooking on weekdays.  I don’t know whether I can write daily but I will try. Anyway as part of my Wordly Wednesday series, here is my new word for you.


I guess almost every reader prefers to visit bookshops which sell old or used books. We feel so curious to grab as many as possible books in such a low rate and the pleasure of finding treasure in such stores. This reminds me of Charles Dickens “The Old Curiosity Shop” (though it is not exactly related )

I wish all of you a great day.

with LOVE



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