Faith | A Hachiko Story I witnessed

Yet another real narration. All the readers with humanity will be touched by this…

The Scribbled Writings

Most of us love pets. Some love dogs, some have cats, some love birds, and others have hamsters. On the other hand, there are people who love pets – but from a distance. They are the loveliest creatures on this planet earth. When God thought of creating them, He filled their hearts with so much love that can hardly be depleted. Filled with so much care and faith. And I witnessed this, as I came across a special dog for a number of days. This part of my life is called as Understanding What Being Faithful Meant.And there was none other than a street dog that displayed the real meaning of it.

Travelling has become a part and parcel of my mundane life. Tiring and sapping energy. Yet the journey doesn’t make me surly. Almost every blog post is a result of these long journeys. Without which I could…

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