my visitors -2

Before I tell you about my next set of visitors, let me explain my situation. I live in an official quarter. It included bone room, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. My quarter is in the ground floor with its balcony opening towards a partially fenced wall along a school campus… every morning I sit here and watch the passing kids, school buses and the white statue of Mother Mary. I start my day with a steaming cup of black coffee and a book of current reading.This is the time I get to say hi to restless squirrels, lazy crows, busy cuckoos (black and spotted one), fly jogging eagles etc. In between I give my tiny attention to my co-living soul:a small money plant, who shares my balcony. 


After three months of gap (Mumbai life), I had to struggle extremely hard to patch up my relationship with money plant. 😥😥😥She was damn fed up due to my lack of attention in watering. Finally she said “okay” and accepting my apologies:) Her leaves became smooth and shiny. I was relieved since I am planning to have more money plants in my balcony to give my current one a company:D so in this situation I can’t tolerate anything which irritates her. I don’t know how to protect her!!!

These were the visitors in the afternoon










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