Is that so???

Is the below statement true or do you think so??? Mind of a writer could be terrible place 😄😂


I believe the next pictures to be very true 😄


23 thoughts on “Is that so???”

  1. I’ve spent most of my adult life sitting alone in a room, writing books. I’m perfectly happy there, but when I got involved in film work in the mid-nineties, I rediscovered the pleasures of working with other people. It probably goes back to having played on so many sports teams as a kid. I liked being part of a small group, a group with a purpose, in which each person contributes to a common goal. Winning a basketball game or making a film—there’s really very little difference. That was probably the best part of working in the movies for me. The sense of solidarity, the jokes we told each other, the friendships I made. By 1999, however, my movie adventures had pretty much come to an end. I was back in my hole again writing novels, not seeing anyone for weeks at a stretch. I think that’s why Siri made her suggestion. Not just because it was a good idea, but because she thought I’d enjoy working on something that involved other people. She was right. I did enjoy it. (One of my Fav writer paul auster). I am curious about writers. it is fun to read. Try this…

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  2. I was waiting to write the last one…”If a writer falls in love with you, you can never die”…after completed reading this but lol.. this was already there.. I guess it’s quite a famous one !
    Still want to share one original one ;p … If you’re a writer, no matter good or bad, it becomes simpler to stay away from your love.. it helps pour out feelings 🙂

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