It’s Saturday :)

How can a bookworm start a day without a book? This is one of the five books of my December addition to my library;):):DBeing an ardent fan of Ruskin Bond, I decided to start my day with “TIME STOPS AT SHAMLI”and a milk coffee (I support black coffee, I am just trying to finish milk powder 😋). Another weekend, slowly starting my day spending time in my balcony towards the backyard of my quarters. With lots of guests….birds and squirrels…:)😍 ( last weekend I had a backyard guest : a Snake (thrice spotted ) , a Eurasian hoppe ( it took me some time to find out the names). I guess I will write a separate post on my backyard guest…😂 wish you all a happy weekend…

Pic of the day 


19 thoughts on “It’s Saturday :)”

      1. The secret. Ayoo. I also bought that hardcover. It is good book. There is something in it. Your out look about money change. Jack canefield is explained it beautifully. But you will come out with your own doubts. I suggest you to read and reflect .

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      2. I will try…I am trying now to nurture positive thoughts…as part of that I made a memory wall chart for my room where I put few of my most treasured memories of family and close friends 😊😊

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