I would like to reblog this poem from my friend Pradita. Its an amazing poem filled with power and pride of a woman’s free spirit 🙂 Do appreciate her if you like her poem 🙂

The Pradita Chronicles

Red was the color I wore on our day,
Red on my body, Red on my forehead,
Red, was the color of your lust that first night,
When Red trickled forth from between my thighs,

Red too was the color, I ken,
When your hand would strike my conscience, my body, my face,
And my screams were Red, crashing into black,
In our love deprived marriage, an empty space.
Red was the color when I lost my womb’s fruit, 
When you raped me the night after, Red was the color too.

Now Red is the color when I see you,
Nothing like love,
But fire, rage and pain,
Red like blood.

So tonight when the trigger I did pull,
Red was the color that seeped through your skull,
But White is the color I feel,
White for a woman free at last,
White for a soul at peace…

©Pradita Kapahi, 2016


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27 thoughts on “Red”

  1. This poem is so touching… I love it so much, thank you. I was just wondering, but is this poem Pradita’s first poem? If so, I think she’ll be a wonderful poet if she keeps practicing.

    (my nickname)


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  2. very powerful indeed. “For women, then, poetry is not a luxury. It is a vital necessity of our existence. It forms the quality of the light within which we predicate our hopes and dreams toward survival and change, first made into language, then into idea, then into more tangible action.(atwood)

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