I try not to….😜😋😎


About elaine

Dreaming to be a marine biologist someday..... Reading, writing, music, movies, travel, art etc. have been a part of my life from a long time. I hold madness....i love to share happiness and i am happy when i see smiles in the faces. I am weird and hybrid in my thoughts and tastes....Proud to be a Leo!

29 responses to “I try not to….😜😋😎

    • Yes yes…..so what plan for Christmas


      • as usual with family and friends. only problem i have to stand in the church long time for rituals/holy mass (not done my confession lol) confused mind. dont want to be rebel at this age. What is your plan? guess its party/time for you!!! How is secret reading going on?

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      • If I am not wrong to say…are you Orthodox like me …standing long time is common for me…I am planning to go for holy mass at least this time at the nearby church in Goa. Celebrating alone…in my own way….no party…I am planning to cook chicken and dosa……rice..wine..plum cake….cAndles….few Carol songs….one Christmas story and a movie for the day….😊


      • No i am catholic. Well we need discuss religion / it is always interest me. if possible pic this malayalm book Manushyarariyan by Maiittreyan. Very interesting/ intellectually challenging.


  1. Lol . Enjoy the moments of throwing your clothes around, crazy me has to hang it back in the wardrobe when selecting. 👍🏼

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  2. 😂😅 Elaine, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year!!

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  3. Totally me! 😂 lovely blog 💕

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