tomb of anonymous


The dawn has just began in the horizon and slowly the leaves started receiving warmth from the rising sun in that day of winter. She opened her eyes slowly breaking the silence of the forest. The gradual pick-up of consciousness made her realize the pain she is in. Still, she couldn’t recollect or identify her present state. She tried to get up from the floor which made her recognize her least covered body. While she tried to grab her clothes, the nerves stretched over her limbs made her know the aches.She could taste bitterness of blood in the mouth. She stopped her mind from asking HOW, WHEN, WHO, WHAT etc.Without even letting the forest floor know, she started limping over her legs walking without aim. The chill gushed through the torn parts of clothes. Nor the cold, thirst or the aches of her body could stop her from walking ahead. But her mind…. By the time her aimless legs stop[ed walking she was already standing in front of a stone fort.

847fef17ecb2811ef97c4fbec62652b6Age old abandoned fort in the middle of nowhere. She found the stone clad fort with a rusted gate for entrance. With her all energy she pushed the gate and with shriek hindering the silence of the forest, it opened for her.  There lied a big tomb as if it was expecting her visit. No name no year or place of reference about who rested in that tomb. It just made her think of the anonymous. Over the tomb, it was engraved as “DEATH IS NOT THE GREATEST LOSS IN LIFE. THE GREATEST LOSS IS WHAT DIES INSIDE US WHILE WE LIVE. While she walked out of the fort she realized that something has changed in her. She was no more the girl with the wrecked spirit who entered the tomb. She no longer felt the pain in her body. She had her eyes with clear vision, legs with enough strength to walk and she didn’t feel any more numbness in heart. She started walking towards her home.


9 thoughts on “tomb of anonymous”

    1. hihi…thank u Kiran, i will try such writing may be after sometime. temporarily i have stopped writing due to piled up schedules of phd…need to finish them plus changed my whole routine from new year onwards…all for a good news ( i will unleash secret, now its time for me to count down ) 🙂 😉 😀

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      1. Thank you so much dear 🙂 I will be making special posts on wedding plans… right now tightly packed with work that, i can’t believe that i am getting onto next level of my life 🙂

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