Balance – Imbalance

I came across this image few days back, I didn’t pay much attention to this until now.  This image reflects processes for a more or less a balanced lifestyle. In our present world, this whole image seems to be just a THEORETICAL one while we forget that there was an era when people had plenty of time. People had time for reading, hobbies, enjoying what they eat, feel the emotions, live the moment, played with kids, spent time with their family, cared their pets, went on long walks, had chit-chat with neighbors, shared local news at the evening clubs, timely did their farming hobbies, exercises/yoga, found movie time weekly with the family etc. Now if we look around including me, we can’t find time for any of these activities. How many of us still visit a library/bookstore or even read books, cook with joy, sing with the free spirit, sit silently and think/ self-analyse or pray. How rarely we feel or express gratitude and how insignificant our surroundings have become for us. the trees and plants in your garden, do u remember any of them? We don’t even have much to offer even if we buy a live plant. That’s why we have replaced them with artificial ones. We quickly get physically and emotionally drained these days. How long will we live like this? Do we ever get back to a balanced state or somewhere near to balance???



18 thoughts on “Balance – Imbalance”

  1. very sensible argument in a way. But we have the freedom to choose. The problem is we all fall into a cycle of events. It is always good to take a break from everything. hope you had a well balanced life. if not nothing to worry. we all have the same fate.

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    1. 🙂
      I dont have a balanced life but i do try to keep the balance. Whenever i am losing it, i go to a frustration level from where i try to get back soon (writing poetry helps me a lot on such times) :p

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