what are your ways???

The world is so fast that we all have become so much busy or indulged in our duties or profession. This indulgence has become an obsession for many of us that we forget about our souls…we sacrifice the time which we are supposed to utilize for nurturing or keeping ourselves healthy and happy… Where are we running out forgetting ourselves and our dear ones? Take a moment to think, give a moment for yourself. Take deep breathes and recollect the times when you were happy by your own. When was the last time you felt gratitude or smiled from the heart??? Stay alive and realize how precious you and me are….Save some time for the SELF too. Do things that make you happy, don’t feel shy or reluctant. No matter what others think, just do it for your’s sake 🙂


Pic courtesy: Pinterest


3 thoughts on “what are your ways???”

  1. you always pic the right pic. My question is Do we have Souls? Yes we all should spend time for our selfs. Life is too small to be too busy. Enjoy The time. Do what do you want to do. But make some money/otherwise nothing will workout.


  2. I like your enthusiasm and encouragement, but the TV being thrown out is something that lately has perplexed me – with the emphasis on books – when some people read such smut but that falls under the guise of good just because it is reading…
    and then on TV there can be documentaries and wonderful edu shows…
    so I feel the bias in the above image.
    normally I would not speak up – but it has been annoying me lately –

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