A day in train….😊

No journey is ever complete for me without a BOOK 📚 this is the case for many of us whether it be in the form of book/magazines/eBooks…reading has become the basic necessity for most of us and books have been the best in companionship 😊
I was on a tight schedule to finish my important works before I go for 15 days of leave 😊 Although such half a month off working days means complete relaxation, I will be nevertheless on hyperactive schedules of my wedding 💒😅
Last night I could pick two books SUDHA MURTHY: “HOW I TAUGHT MY GRANDMOTHER TO READ &OTHER STORIES” and “GRANDMA’S BAG OF STORIES” . They have been in my wish list from a very long time. I am on a self disciplinary mode to decrease the number of piled up books in my room. Even now I am shifting a big trolley bag full of books to my home….but unfortunately I cant resist books….
Before these books, I have read only a children’s novel “The magic of lost temple” (I doubt the exact name) by the author. Last week I suggested that book to my colleagues and I found two of them finished it in no time and with pure enjoyment & enthusiasms of children 😊
I hope to get the same happiness from this books too 😍 my train journey will be taking 3hrs more than usual to reach the destiny and I am on a motto to finish at least one 😉😊


7 thoughts on “A day in train….😊”

  1. Sudha Murthy’s books are good, I have read a couple.But the award should go to Chetan Bhagat, it is normally his books that people read on journeys. No idea what it is with Indian Railways & CB (Chicken Biryani/Chetan Bhagat) that go hand in hand
    That said, I love traveling on the Indian Railways, I would gladly call the trains my second home, if I could buy one or gifted one 😉

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  2. I like books of sudha murthy. I finished “How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories”, “The Mother I Never Knew” and “The Old Man And His God”.

    Now I am reading “Wise And Otherwise”.

    “The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk” and “Something Happened on the Way to Heaven” are in my shelf.

    I like her way of writing. These are all not only normal real life stories, also stories with moral values. 🙂

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      1. 🙂 I feel her stories as moral stories told by grandma to her grandchildren. Very informative also. 🙂
        Try to read as much as u can, at least her nonfiction works. 🙂

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