Am I wrong???

Good morning (wishes) to everyone out there….😊 this is yet another random post of mine. This arises from the annoyance (primary instinct) and confusion (secondary sensible thought) of mine after seeing this comment for one of my recent post. 

I could be taken wrong, I can’t help in making everyone believe me. The moment I saw such a comment the instinctive reply that came into my mind which I even posted was “WHY SHOULD I FOLLOW UR BLOG?”. This reply of mine could zoom out my arrogance at first hand while I am helpless for not responding in any other way. 

I am not here to break any friends’ open nature but not do I expect any of u to follow my blog without reading it. Follow my blog only if u find it worth and have time to spare for it. There are thousands of excellent blogs around us….but u can’t just directly make a comment on my blog post ‘please follow and like my blog’ 😤

Now my basic question is Am I wrong for my instincts???


12 thoughts on “Am I wrong???”

  1. I faced the same few months ago. 2-3 people commented “nice post, follow my blog”.
    A lot of people do that, “hey I wrote a post on blah blah, I know you will like it, please visit and follow my blog”. Are they mind readers? How are they so sure I ll like it? 🤔
    Just few days ago, someone followed my blog and he’s going on and on commenting “mate, I followed your blog”. I finally blocked his blog. 😒
    It’s better not to reply to such comments. 🙂 There is also an option to delete such comments, I think we should use it liberally for “follow my blog” comments 😀😀😂😂

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  2. Oftentimes it may not even be a human leaving that comment, but some spambot. Comments are supposed to be on the subject matter. 😛 You can certainly have a link to your blog in your profile, and if people are curious, they can click on it. But random drive-by “follow my blog” comments are spam.

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  3. On an additional note, I hate when someone likes my posts continuously without reading the content.. “Dude!! This isn’t fb 🙏” – My inner voice says, Yes I might be rude but this is my damn blog 😂

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  4. Of course you aren’t wrong…. . And even more: We have to follow your followers(cause of sympathy)? I realized that a wordpress is like a full time job,timemanagement. I just follow the blogs who give me inspiration and when is the subject close to my interests(photography, history).

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  5. Nope, not wrong at all! On the contrary, this is exactly what people shouldn’t be doing if they really want genuine readers for their blog. Commenting and asking someone to follow their blog when the reader may not find it exciting/interesting/relatable beats the purpose but sadly, wordpress bloggers motivated by the number of followers resort to such tactics. Your instinctive question might come across as arrogant but it’s justified as well.
    P.S. I read Jai’s comment above and that’s something that I too am not particularly pleased with. I write pretty darn long travelogues and do not expect everyone to read them but when bloggers leave a trail of likes in their blitzkrieg through my blog, I instinctively know they haven’t bothered to read them at all but then I let them be and instead deactivate the like button on my posts 😀
    Also, you might find me leaving a trail of likes every now and then on your blog but I assure you that I never like a post without reading and genuinely liking it. So hope my actions don’t piss you off! 🙂
    Cheers & keep blogging!

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