are u????

I am one of them. What about you???? 🤔😂😋


21 thoughts on “are u????”

  1. Hey, this is nothing regarding the post. But commenting is the only way I could get to converse with people who are in this platform. Cause otherwise I have no idea of where they are!! By the way I am an early to bed and and early to rise kind of a guy :-p
    Anyways coming back to the main point.
    I have decide to innovate a bit. You were the first that I followed when I started this blog about 8 months ago. And You also happen to be the first person to follow me back. Therefore you are now also the first person that I am going to ask this to “Will you volunteer for an interview”
    Yes this is the innovative idea. I am going to interview my fellow bloggers and feature them on my blog. So if you don’t have any problem with that you can reply me back and we can move further. The interview ofcourse wouldn’t be a face to face one. It could however be telephonic / whatsappic etc. And we could talk about more details when reply.
    By the way you could also become the first person to reject it :-p
    But I am deeply hoping against it.

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    1. haha…. happy to hear u abhi 🙂hope ur blog journey is going well. its really appreciable to remind me the history of following the blog 🙂if ur blog gets a new perspective with ur new idea of interview of fellow bloggers, i can step forward. But i have a suggestion, i prefer for an email communication

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  2. You can take your own good time. But take it in a way that it could actually be so much fun and engagement at the same time. Think about it. How innovative it is. A person that hasn’t even met you interviews you.
    Email interviews aren’t spontaneous. You just have set of questions. Which obviously you would answer in your own good way. But something that is live is more spontaneous and I think you would definitely agree to that.
    So I believe a “WhatsApp” or even “fb chat” if not telephonic would do.
    What say ??

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      1. Well then I think I would have to do it your way ( cause this is the first thing I am doing and I don’t wanna put it off just because of some reasons).
        So you okay with the EMAIL-INTERVIEW??
        Give me your id
        And I would still want you to consider a whatsapp interview if possible. It would just be like this only. Chatting.
        But I don’t want to loose the opportunity. So I m cool with even the email one.
        Reply soon

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  3. I have sent you the mail with the questionnaire. Please check your e-mail. Take your time and answer all the questions frankly.
    Hoping that you like it.

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  4. I received the mail. Thank you for such wonderful answers. Specially that Kerala university topper Wala answers….oh so amazingly inspirational.
    Are you on fb…..well you must be. Can we get in touch over there.
    How did you like my questions. Were they even a bit close to how a professional journalist might ask (I aspire to be one :-p)

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    1. i amnot much in favour of fb these days 😞almost deactivational stage…questions were good…i have mentioned to the ones which i liked . i dont know it’s proximity with professional journalism.


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