She left college in the afternoon finishing her day’s teaching-learning processes. Her mind was fully immersed in her thoughts regarding her home. Her home is a kingdom with the existence of three of her miniature versions and their all-time following three dogs, a mother who accepted senior citizenship and my better half who came down for holidays.   All of them happily ruled their own parts in our kingdom. I parked my car at the corner of the large frontside orchard of her house all shaded by the thick vines of passion fruit. Being it past lunchtime, instead of the usual noisy air, she sensed an air of calmness welcoming her. She could hear the mother reading aloud something. Without stepping inside the home, she got the exact picture of them. All living fellas would be grabbing their own space in the big floor mat next to the courtyard with their ears finely tuned for the story.  It was a famous children’s story “Pathumma’s goat” by the legendary literary figure of Kerala, Vaikom Muhammad Basheer. Oh holy grace, what more beautiful bliss should she receive than such a moment of realization.  She happily found successors for her countless piles of books. A slight breeze passed her and she looked around. It seemed her thought was approved with the beautiful flowers of passion fruit vines by their rhythmic swaying with the afternoon breeze…


PS: This is just a translation attempt for the fictional write up I did in Malayalam in a software. If you know Malayalam, you can try this link


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