Why we write?

Does anyone has any of this to be the reason/s for writing? 😋😊

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Does the process of writing down my deep rooted fears into paper could be named as literary? If so by attempting such method of writing, I am on a journey from my fear to life; a life journey to attain strength and reinforced soul.

Five days

Disclaimer: This post could be pretty long and hence read only if you have spare time 🤓

“New girl in the city” is a pretty popular title and hence i decided not to opt it for my last five days in this city. Hyderabad, a city which holds lot of historical monuments and legends of several dynasties. I don’t know much about the history and also couldn’t do a homework nor attempting to put forward any of those here. I was here on an official purpose for some sample analysis and i was travelling to this city for the first time. I was lucky enough to have one of my senior colleague to be on the same journey and hence we had a lot of good time.

more than a daytime travel in train to reach here. Though I had a book and many Kindle ebooks ready, I decided to bug my friend since she was going back to her hometown in West Bengal after her Ph.D. thesis submission. We had a lot more in common to discuss and we were nonstop blabbering 😁😆Due to my lack of ground work about this city, i ended up with my failed prejudice regarding the weather. The night journey made it very clear that its almost impossible for me to spend another night without much precautions. Always check for the climate/season in your destination prior to travel. That was my first take home moral from the trip. Throughput the journey we made sure not to dump any waste other than in waste bin.

We reached next morning at Secundarabad where my friend kept her luggage and accompanied me to my destined research institute. I had no idea about the traveling methods of this place. Infact she had been here and roamed to several archaeological spots all alone ( i do admire her for that). We got refreshed from my room in guest house and she waited for me in the institute campus till i finished my preliminary round of meeting with the Scientist in charge. It’s an agriculture research institute- ICAR- CRIDA ( Central institute for dryland agriculture). The campus is very much admirable with full of trees and birds.

My analysis decided to start on monday onwards and hence we were free after lunch. We decided to see Charminar: a 16 century mosque.

There were so many jewelry shops in several lanes next to it. Hyderabad is very famous for the pearls. Instead of regular pearls, I decided to pick glass bead chains and customised a lengthier ones in two colors. The maroon red and particular sea green/ turquoise green color😊😇

We had hardly 2.30hrs since my friend had to catch train. So decided to have a quick visit at the Salar Jung Museum which is one of the largest museums with so many historical artefacts sourced by the Salar Jung family.

I was just attempting a panoramic view (i know its flop). These are some of the pics which i got. If you ask me whether i did justice to the historical facts or legends at the museum, i must confess i was in hurry and didn’t do a good grasping of the facts. After she left me after helping me get back to the guest house. I was back early to room and after an hour of acclimatisation to the new room. I realised the real problem i had to face the cold night. Google map helped me to find out the nearest jockey showroom and i was on a walk to find out the shop after 7.40pm. It was a timid decision whether to struggle or to go out on my own to find the shop for fetching some thermal clothes. Finally with the headset and map on, i went in search of the shop. After an hour, i was back into my room with enough clothes and fruits for the next three days.

Since I had already started a book (birthday gift ) “Forty rules of love by Elif Shafak” i decided to continue with it. It’s a book about Rumi 🖤

Sunday: I didn’t wanted to brood inside the room and hence decided to visit my friends working at another institute INCOIS, which was almost 1.30hr distant from my location. Now the question was how am i going to travel? I don’t know how to read or speak telugu. I was on my own and i decided to try Uber Cabs. In another 10mins, i was in the cab starting a journey across this city. I was happy to find the cab driver : a warm hearted person and it was easy for me to ask questions and he was good in conversation. He was into pearl jewelry business and later turned to this field. He was very much helpful and patient enough to find me the location of my friends 😊

By 12.30pm i was with my friends and i had such a good time with them. We had homemade beef, brown rice, beetroot curry and wine 🍷 We were nine of altogether and had a very time with chitchat topics ranging from past to present 😆😂

I got back to room before 7 and slept with less reading 📖 I got early and had my groceries for making coffee. I began my Monday morning with coffee and book.

Monday and Tuesday went fully in sample analysis. I was lucky to find very cordial people. By the end of Tuesday, I had to decide what should i gift them for their kind help. Here the people are really nice though i didn’t know the language even the lady who came for cleaning the lab talked to me and smiled at me. I am becoming very much particular in avoiding plastics or any showpiece items since its of no use (personal opinion). I wanted to give them something better and i got out again on a twilight walk to find out the plant nursery.

I bought two jasmine flower plants and could also fetch two terracotta plant pots. I felt so happy finally to get them as a gift for the good hearted people who helped me. I hope this plant brings joy to their life too 😊☺️

Wednesday: It’s my last day in the city and i was happy to give the plants to them. Just finished my formalities and did some computation works. All of a sudden i decided to do this blog post since its been far too long that i haven’t done any write ups. Hence this is my few day experience in a new city 😊☺️

My heartfelt gratitude for whoever has survived after reading this lengthyposts 😁😆😍🙈🙊 It’s time for me to get back to Goa and have shift in mood for the next season of happiness 😊☺️


There are times when words and i seem to be in no relationship: complete strangers. It seems there exists too much distance which can never be crossed.

Woman / സ്ത്രീ

She just got out after shower into the day light. he just smiled seeing the sunshine kissing her turmeric stained face and making her glow. More than that, he was amused at her walking carefully towards the courtyard with her protective hands over her conceived belly. She has tranformed so much from a naughty energetic girl into another complete form oc womanhood. A woman of kindness, patience and protective nature.


She knew she is no more wanted at her own home and she couldn’t take it anymore. It’s high time she get out that place which can no longer be known as her home 🏠 It was just afternoon and sun was already behind the clouds ⛅️ She silently went and changed her dress. She grabbed her immediate belongings in a hurry and stepped out. That was in the middle of vast paddy fields and everyday morning gifted her the world’s most beautiful mornings. Her steps didn’t know their destination yet they took her safely through the green field. Her eyes could still notice the paddy stems swaying with the wind. She was taken far ahead through the fields. Immediately for a second,she stopped and looked back at the house. It seemed to be too tiny. She took a deep breath and exhaled. A tiny tear drop rolled down from her eyes. She turned and started walking forward and this time she was hold her left palm tightly. Her left hand was holding the green crystal tightly without letting it escape its shining rays. In the meantime, the family goddess shrine in the attic of her house smiled looked at her stoneless golden necklace.