She was very particular in keeping one thing as her routine until death took her away. Even during the times of excruciating pain, books kept her soul embraced in their beautiful world. After her funeral, a book was found on her bed. It was kept open half read and left while she was taken on emergency. It was an unfinished novel published posthumously for the author. She as well as the story, both remained unfinished.


17 thoughts on “Unfinished”

      1. Yes I am. I was not around WordPress for a while. Back now. Waiting for more of your amazing posts😊😊. Hope u r doing fine too.

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      2. Same pinch 😆😂i was also keeping away from WP. hope you could get splendid write ups. Me being too random in writing that i got few tiny similar write ups in que for next few days (i am intentionally hiding my laziness to write long ones ) 😋Yea i am doing happy 😊☺️

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      3. Haha! I’m like starting over my blog here!! I need to get back to this. Need to spend more time in here. I’m so confused how to put my ideas into paper nowadays. But yeah hope to do well 😁

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