Little Things 😊

I am happy to share this beautiful Christmas star I hung on my balcony with the help of my best friend 😊☺️ I am super happy to do this little thing which brought the Christmas spirit in me 😊🙂

In the last few months, I changed or achieved different perspectives especially how to react to the crisis points. Any situations of crisis increase the stress right at the instance of hearing or recognizing them. The very response would be “Oh my God why is this happening with me all the time? ” That states our very basic instinct of looking at the worst or zooming the negative aspects of every such situation. This way slowly causes shifting our entire method of thought processing and we almost forget to see or appreciate the good things happening in our life. I too was totally in such a way of thinking 🤔 I was hoarding so many situations and never felt in peace with myself.

I did take a sudden break and some unknown things made me think in an opposite way. Finding the positive things in all the hardships or crisis or extreme instances of tension in my life. It was an analysis of my past. I found how much stronger and better I became from all those situations and I felt grateful for such experiences and people who were the reasons behind it 😊🙂 Also I began to find time for the little things which made me happy. It could be just smiling at the unknown children or wishing ‘good morning’ to the elderly lady who comes to clean our lab everyday morning. I got back to reading books which included stories, novels, memories, travelogues, essays. I was finding many reasons to feel joy and my joy increases with the start of meditation 🧘‍♀️ I found a perfect app for it which even has deep sleep meditation and I got deep sleep 😴 I began to practice gratitude 🙏 Everyday in the morning I so write in my gratitude journal 📓 What about you? Do you express gratitude?