Little steps: Hydration

Living with grateful heart and mindfulness is something we all need to procure back since we all have long lost those habits. We are ruled by procrastination and busy schedules and hence we forget how to live in the moment. Even when you realize that how much we got altered and take decisions to revert back it’s not an easy task anymore. The willingness to get back to the old easy peaceful way of lifestyle needs so much of renovations to our existing style of routines and hence I have felt should take it slow. We shouldn’t feel sad about not getting immediate results but keep moving towards our goal. It wasn’t easy for me either.

I too took small steps in renovating my routines. I had broken down my goals to create little steps towards getting back my healthy mind and body and a grateful soul. Practicing gratitude has always helped me in staying calm. But prior to that step of writing down gratitude, I made a simple change in my life. I bought a water bottle. Okay, so now you might feel doubtful about what my rejuvenation process has to do with a water bottle? I believe hydrating the body is a major factor towards the healthy status of brain and body. Hence I wanted to make sure that I had enough amount of daily water intake. The best way to begin a day is drinking water empty stomach. Hence for this purpose and also to feel motivated I bought a bottle.


Not a plastic one ☝️ I bought a steel water bottle which had a volume of 1liter. I usually carry boiled &cooled water with me everywhere I go, usually reused plastic mineral water bottles. I am aware of the hazardous effects of reusing them especially drinking water from it while keeping them in the car during summer or hot weather. The water gets contaminated with chemicals disintegrated from the plastic bottle due to warming up. Hence I decided to carry water in steel bottle through the alternative sources like glass bottles are bit heavier and less travel-friendly😜 I didn’t want to break my beautiful glass water bottles which I use at the room. 😍😇


December is known to be the festive season and a time to take new resolutions or think about bringing new habits and preparing for a New Year. Hence, I bought one more glass bottle for myself and gifted one for my friend ☺️ I didn’t have to think much this time about what gifts to be given to my friends. Give a thought to keeping your body hydrated though I haven’t mentioned much about the scientific benefits of drinking water which I believe is known for everyone. Let’s make sure to love and care ourselves little more and stop neglecting its basic necessities since it’s a machinery. Also if you felt this topic useful, give it a thought buy or use alternatives bottles instead of plastic water bottles such as steel or copper or glass made. I have heard a lot of health benefits of drinking water kept overnight stored in copper vessels. Maybe you can even gift one bottle for someone you love😊

PS: My table is messy due to the recent additions of new books 



Every nature lover would have taken a moment to notice the changes in our nature: especially the color patterns of leaves changing from green to golden or coppery red shades 🙂 That phenomenon of leaves changing colors is called RUSKA.