Love yourself

Summer has slowly begun and our working lifestyle requires little extra steps which we all prefer to do. Skin is our largest protective organ for us and we should be sensible in taking good care of it. Skin works throughout our life to keep our internal body safe from external stress factors. But are we really aware of it or appreciative of the skin’s hard work? Very rarely do we think in that way. In our daily routine, we do use a lot of products which are of chemical origin to keep our skin especially face free of oil, harmful sunrays, dirt, dead cells, and pollutants etc. While doing this all, are we aware of how much more stress our skin faces due to these chemicals? Okay, so let me come to my point. We all do use face scrubs either as part of our face wash which has mostly microplastics or as face scrub itself. We have so many choices available in the market. Use of face scrubs from leading cosmetics brands are fully loaded with microplastics and they are extremely hazardous to our earth.

Okay, you may think that these microplastics going back to earth through our drainages can affect the environment but not ME. If that is what you thought, you are wrong since technically these microplastics get into human body itself. HOW? To know more about this you can visit this previous article. I didn’t mean to take more of your valuable time but these are real truths which we aren’t aware of. I ‘m not saying we shouldn’t exfoliate our skin. We should do it on regular basis but with better eco-friendly alternatives. Exfoliation is necessary to remove dead cells and other debris from the skin and making the pores breath comfortably. Do look for the best natural alternatives which will never cause your skin any harm. You will soon start finding the differences.

I have just begun my baby steps towards sustainable living and after knowing more about the harms of microplastics I stopped using any such products as well as make sure that my family /friends don’t use them either. I had shifted to one of the best natural product and even if it happens to be ingested, I would be happy since its edible. It is nothing but grounded oats. Yeah, you read it right, OATS. I just ground some oats in my kitchen and kept it stored in an airtight glass jar (which I repurposed from its previous coffee powder I bought from the market). Thus I could say NO to harmful chemicals as well as repurpose old glass bottle. Yes, it helps me save money too. I don’t need to think anymore in my life worrying about which cosmetic brand should I purchase next time when I do my shopping for necessities. I use it every day and my skin feels happy. More than anything, it’s an act of kindness and respect I show to my skin’s unending duty of protecting me. 

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