Joyful choices

It has been almost a month I haven’t written anything much as a detailed post. But I felt it’s my duty to spread the info which I have come across on my journey towards a cleaner-sustainable-ecofriendly living. These posts on the category “SELF CARE: Mind, Body & Soul” are bits and pieces of my little steps I have made and I am happy to share with all the people out there. Not like my most of the new year resolution dramas, I made 2018 to have more content steps towards sustainable eco-friendly lifestyle and it demanded changes in several aspects of my habits and consumerism. 

This is a continuation to one of my earlier posts about the hazardous effect of choosing chemical loaded deodorants/antiperspirants available in the market for the cheap price yet with too many adds from several brands. If you are interested you can check that post here. I have become insightful about the harmful effects of their use on the human body as well as to the ecosystem. That made me say a complete NO for my entire lifetime towards these hazardous chemicals (paraben, phthalates, triclosan, fragrances). 

Sweating is an outcome of our body’s metabolic process trying to keep our body temperature and salt level balanced with the efficient help of sweat glands. Depending upon several functional factors of each human body, the sweat may be odorless or with odor. Most of us have a job/study routine which keeps us outside home during the time and each one of us prefers to have clean fresh feel till the end of the day without getting hindered by our unpleasant sweat odor. This is one of the reasons why most of us prefer to use a deodorant or antiperspirant or perfumes. 

The consumeristic habit of man has made us follow the brands advertised with people of stardom. The media make sure that the common people blindly get lured to these products without letting them use their ability to comprehend whether this will do good for the body on a long-term usage or is it just a silly marketing strategy causing increased consumerism alone.  I haven’t much into perfumes or deodorants much. I ‘m not saying I haven’t used them at all. I do have and those bottles got into my room as an outcome of my impulsive shopping binge. Since I wasn’t consistent and most of the times they remained idly catching the dust and space in my room. Finally, I just threw some of them away and I stopped buying them anymore until recently I came across greener options and certain DIY projects. As part of my decluttering pathway, I didn’t want to buy new multiple organic raw materials just for making deodorant at home. I need a smaller amount for a long-term use and buying raw materials will increase the shipment with more plastic packagings and space necessity in my room. But I learned several DIY recipes with coconut oil, essential oils, cocoa butter, shea butter etc. This info has helped me in finding the alternative. I found few good & green choice and I found one with the same brand who had provided me organic toothpowder. You can read my reason & review on ayurvedic toothpowder here. 


This is Deodorizing Happy Underarms Salve by the brand called RAW BEAUTY. I purchased it through their Instagram account (rawbeauty2018). It cost 390/- for 35gms. This is made of 100% natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, arrowroot powder, essential oils like cedarwood, lemon, patchouli, geranium etc. I didn’t even take a second thought since I knew I was spending on what I need and what doesn’t harm me or the environment especially by not leaving behind plastic/ aluminum cans and caps. I am completely aware of what are the components applied over my skin to keep it stress-free and protect it with respect for its best duty of protecting my body. I use a pinch regularly in the morning and I was super impressed by my test of 9am to 9pm. After 12 hours, I could feel my sweat. But I ‘m not bothered since a little of the product gave me 12hr odor free time and I don’t expect more than that. I don’t need to waste any more time on what choice I should make while shopping for a deodorant. I was impressed by getting the product in a glass jar with metal cap and with the complete ingredient list on the jar itself. It came packed in old newspapers instead of plastic bubble wraps and in a cardboard box. 

You can gift this to your loved ones with these type of best products. This is one green product which I chose. You can find deo sticks and deodorants in jars from several other companies too which are made of 100% organic ingredients but some of them come in plastic packaging hence I will be sticking to this brand.


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