Happy Face

The morning needs to begin with happiness which requires a grateful heart and the beautiful feeling of freshness. This month onwards I choose to take one more little step towards sustainability by opting for the real fragrance of rose for my morning routine. I am not a rose person and even my experience to use the world-famous body shop products in the British Rose range stopped me from wasting money for they had the too much artificial smell. But decided to give a try for this organic ingredient combo of oats, rose petals & oil, aloe vera: GULAABO from @rawbeauty2018. I had stopped using most of the commercial brands which were locally available in the supermarkets due to its harmful ingredients and repeated trashes from the non-reusable plastic tubes.

I have been using only tea tree oil based foam from the body shop for last 9 months but now kept it only for my evening clean up at the end of a day. It is a strong tea tree oil based foaming facewash which removes the complete oil but not too effective with the eye makeup. Once the product gets over, I will surely repurpose the dispenser bottle for my DIY oil cleanser. I may repurchase the product of tea tree face wash for a travel-friendly option. 

Okay, now coming back to this product: GULAABO: choosing this made me hit three targets: face wash-scrub-face pack 🖤multipurpose reducing skin to too many chemicals for too many things nor multiple products/plastic containers ☺️😍 My acne prone skin with open pores & frequent outbreaks due to hormonal imbalances kept me thinking of stopping as many products as possible. I wasn’t sure about this product until I began using it. The very first thing I do these days is clean my face. I wet my face and use little of the light rose powder and do the scrubbing. It becomes pink colored with the aroma of rose petals. Rinse with tap water and that’s it. I just let my face dry naturally and use few drops of non-alcoholic toner to do the rest. 

The oil texture of my acne prone skin morning is completely cleaned with the simple natural product. It comes in a glass jar (which I can repurpose it 💃🏻). It will last for several months since only a pinch is enough. It isn’t a soap based product. Hence my heavy kohl smudges need a non-alcoholic cleanser. But I am completely happy with making one more clean choice for reducing my trash.  This isn’t any paid brand endorsement. It is my honest review after using the product myself. 

To make the genuineness of this product visible, you can also check the detailed product review done by my dear friend Ranjini in here blog. You can read the article If You Wouldn’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin. She has done a better review.

I hope😊🙏 someone else too can start making eco-friendly choices 😊😍