A walk in the morning

Staying away from social media or online sites could be one of the difficult tasks for today’s world. But most of us would have yearned even to go offline at least once in a while when we find ourselves at the peak of stressful times. We wish to shut down from everything/ everyone and just stay silent or calm for some moment which usually never happens and we get drifted with the next series of events. The case is similar to me too.

In the past few weeks I have been into a routine with just two modes of things in my weekdays. The moment I get up which is almost around 7am I start reading 📖 till 15 mins left for leaving to lab. It’s just books, coffee and me. Then from 9am till 7pm I will be just dealing with my research life with two exact intervals for breakfast and lunch and I do read in the spare time or while having my food. I know i a not following a mindful eating session. I do most of my reading in kindle these days and my phone- kindle remains synced. Thus help me to keep on reading most of the spare time. Once I am back to room, with a quick tiny dinner I will be set free till my sleep time. So again I choose to continue my reading till I sleep with some time spared for talking to family.

Okay, so my point is I will be switching from reading to work and then back to reading mode for most of my daytime. I don’t spare any lone time to sit quiet to have a reflection about my life. I keep myself too busy and indulged that I don’t look around myself or into nature. On weekends, reading will be in its full mode. Obviously I do procrastinate most of my weekend cleaning and laundry and manage it fortnightly. I totally forgot to look around or even to go for a walk or spend some time in writing journal or in the beach or listen to some of my favourite tracks. I am not stating that reading is bad. It’s just that I completely avoided many things which I used to like/loved to do.

Is this just an irregularity with me or does any of you too impose these types of habits. This week when I got a break to visit home, this pattern got broke. On the way I made sure to complete one more book. Once I got home, it took few hours to confirm that the ambience has changed and was distracted with many things. Especially when there was a necessity to compensate the sleep which was missed during the train journey due to the nonstop snoring of co-passenger 😤 from next day onwards I decided to go for an early morning walk with mother. The place near to my house is on it’s slow transition from village mode to it’s next level where day time feels to be noisy while early morning still holds the calmness of the village life. The roads remain deserted with once in a while we cross with one or two elderlies. The whole bill is still sleeping and that keeps these morning moments more worthy.

I was paying back for my laziness with these long walks yet I was feeling so peaceful. We would be crossing three churches, one chapel where the convent sisters would be reciting their early morning rosary. I could see so many varieties of trees and flowering plants located around each houses, so many birds with their morning orchestra and my lungs intaking plenty of fresh air. By the time we get back, whole remnants of sleeps would be far too long gone and I was left with the fat burning feel on my legs. At home, I am in peace with myself and with the surrounding. Home still holds hope of our resurrection and we just need to tune into it’s rhythm. Do take some break from your busy schedules and do perform self care. Take time to look around,observe, listen and get synced with the nature which has the remedies to heal our souls 🙂😊🙏🏻