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All the beautiful pics which i come across that too with a message or quote for us. Either with a truth or to encourage our spirits. Let our souls grow more beautiful…

Books = Happiness🙂😂

This is an attempt for compiling all the illustrations I came across related to BOOKS & HAPPINESS from this specific illustration series (Copy right: lastlemon.com2014; I found them simple yet super cool little things which can make us focus/find happiness in such tiny things around us in our day to day life. I hope the book lovers will like this 🙂 


Spare time 😜😜


I do most of these things except reviewing books and rearranging books is at least frequency.

PS: I am not able to do any creative writing nor reading any of your posts due to my Ph.D. time constraints. I am trying to focus on finishing the work and not able to find time for my wedding preparations which will be in next month 😜😜Yeah, I am a BRIDE TO BE….but busy with my research work!!!



Benefits of reading

Have you ever thought about the blessings or goodness you have adapted in your life from cultivating one of the most sacred act: The act of reading……. 



05c59477b505ae63a9ec61314fed52caPic courtesy: Pinterest

what are your ways???

The world is so fast that we all have become so much busy or indulged in our duties or profession. This indulgence has become an obsession for many of us that we forget about our souls…we sacrifice the time which we are supposed to utilize for nurturing or keeping ourselves healthy and happy… Where are we running out forgetting ourselves and our dear ones? Take a moment to think, give a moment for yourself. Take deep breathes and recollect the times when you were happy by your own. When was the last time you felt gratitude or smiled from the heart??? Stay alive and realize how precious you and me are….Save some time for the SELF too. Do things that make you happy, don’t feel shy or reluctant. No matter what others think, just do it for your’s sake 🙂


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tiny reflections

Hello everyone,
It has been a long silence for not posting anything much. I am in a hectic schedule with work and few other stuffs that I don’t find peaceful time for making my brain to be creative when it comes to writing. Even I don’t read much these days 😦 Many of my friends were kind enough to read my past write-ups and give comments for them. I do apologize for not replying back as well as not being a sensible reader for your posts 😦 I will try to make up for that but can’t assure when since this is my high time for my Ph.D. practical works. I know that I don’t need to explain yet I feel I owe to be sincerely supporting your articles by my honest feedbacks. To keep up with my blog, I am posting two images (from internet) which has so much similarity with my daily life and may be common for few out there 🙂 



Writing 😂

So which style do you opt? 😜😜

For me, I try one or the other style depending on the mood. Active writing occurs in less frequency and strong writing once in a blue moon.
Fragmented writing is less common. But can’t do passive/ constrained writing and very rarely I do rewriting.

I do try to persuade my mind to write 😦  So how do you write or prefer to write?But can’t do passive/ constrained writing and very rarely I do rewriting. I do try to persuade my mind to write 😦  So how do you write or prefer to write?


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Being ourselves has become too tough these days yet the most pleasurable feeling too… We have to struggle hard to be the way we really are but the survival gives you the most amazing feeling… feeling of our own existence…Do what makes you happy, just do it never bother about what others will say. Do it and see how much good and happy you feel 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest 🙂