what’s ur current reading pick???

hello everyone, this is yet another random write up of mine. this is just to ask a question to all of ny friends out there. Which is ur recent read or currently reading book? I would love to know. For you guys, my answer to that question is THE RED NOTE BOOK (recent read) and currently reading THE BOOKSHOP AT THE CORNER ☺️☺️☺️☺️ wish u all happy reading and blessed week ahead. do lemme know which is ur book of choice 😊

Bride to Be 😊part 3

Hello everyone😊😍😘I am in the midst of too many things since tomorrow I am going to be the bride 😜😁😄Being the Bride, I am privileged in my family;I am excluded from family duties 😋😂So what should I do when all are busy with their assignments…

I am almost towards the last of my “to do list”…done with trial hair and makeup (hope I don’t look like an alien 😎),salon bridal services,finished our one day Pre-Marital Counseling(OMG….it was good insight for leading a blessed life, though I went with prejudistic minds. More over I could get a day spent with Mr.Perfect.I was really relaxed to be with him in the midst of all the chaos 😍😘),went for confession and took Holy Communion (hihi ..it might be a new insight for my friends to know that I am a Christian😉though I never let my religion come into view).

I would love to have my own signature style and with red lips (DO I LOOK HORRIBLE ??? unfortunately here people aren’t used nor they accept red lipsticks which is a terrible stigma for them 😭😭😭😭).Thats my cute little sister , Milan, who patiently sat with me for an entire day of salon services from 9am till 10pm. This was taken as part of trial makeup 😜😋. Here usually Christian brides wear white/beige/net Saree’s. I  These days weddings and it’s associated preparation has become ready made, yet in my big joint family few things are still maintained as per tradition. The major things is the presence of all the family members…..all the uncles… aunts… grandparents… cousins… their kids… neighbors…😊even though wedding reception is arranged by caterers for wedding day feast…two days prior to the wedding,the close relatives will come. Then starts the preparation of authentic Christian cuisines…among all the dishes, the king fish or tuna curry and the beef chilli will be the highly demanded items…😃😃😃 all of them together making food,sharing joys, gossips and what not 😂

So I am left out with books and laziness 😤hence the random thought to attempt blog post. I brought one trolley full of books for shifting to my new home and yet many more to come. 

 If u look deep, there won’t be anything much in my post for thought provoking…it’s just my mere scribbling to reduce my panicked… boredom …tensions….any many unexplainable chaoses of mind. Tomorrow from early morning onwards I will be a post till evening when all the rituals are over …Oh God…give us strength to welcome our new beginning with love,peace,perseverance to walk together till the last birth departs us 😊

 (I know I shouldn’t sit out …it’s summer and I might get tanned 😖)I don’t wanna feel awkward and hence I put my recent bought silver anklet which is full of bells and everyone can hear me walk aimlessly in and out of my house 😂😂😂😂😂hope I don’t scare my family with their notions of ghosts…. I love to hear those tiny anklet bells chanting to me to “stay calm my dear, tomorrow u will be Mrs. Perfect….officially the partner in crime with Mr.Perfect😍😍😍😍)

Am I wrong???

Good morning (wishes) to everyone out there….😊 this is yet another random post of mine. This arises from the annoyance (primary instinct) and confusion (secondary sensible thought) of mine after seeing this comment for one of my recent post. 

I could be taken wrong, I can’t help in making everyone believe me. The moment I saw such a comment the instinctive reply that came into my mind which I even posted was “WHY SHOULD I FOLLOW UR BLOG?”. This reply of mine could zoom out my arrogance at first hand while I am helpless for not responding in any other way. 

I am not here to break any friends’ open nature but not do I expect any of u to follow my blog without reading it. Follow my blog only if u find it worth and have time to spare for it. There are thousands of excellent blogs around us….but u can’t just directly make a comment on my blog post ‘please follow and like my blog’ 😤

Now my basic question is Am I wrong for my instincts???

Bride to be part 2

Travelling back to home for wedding wasn’t easy. Even though I spent most of my time with book, the summer humidity made it impossible to forget the irritation of travelling in a sleeper compartment 😌 the train was four hours delayed and I had to postpone my two tasks from to fo list for the next day.
Being at home, I felt spending some more time for rest before starting the next marathon. I had a some sleep and started my day in the afternoon. The first thing was going to the cemetery for my grandparents at my mother’s home. Even after two years I am not completely recovered from my granny’s demise. I had to ask their blessings for my wedding.
On the way back, I meet two little kids of my sisters…who made me realise that I am an AUNT 😊😋😍 I had a good time with them.I could also get a glimpse of my fiancé home; I took a pic from the gate(they weren’t at home 😐)I am grateful for my little bro for helping me see the house before wedding 😂
Next destination was shopping plus handing over few dresses for alteration. Dealing with the traffics and finishing up my salon appointments, time crossed 11am when we got back home ( on the previous day of easter) It was too hectic for me to travel with my car ac allergy😓😓😓 I couldn’t get up for my Easter mass service…..

A day in train….😊

No journey is ever complete for me without a BOOK 📚 this is the case for many of us whether it be in the form of book/magazines/eBooks…reading has become the basic necessity for most of us and books have been the best in companionship 😊
I was on a tight schedule to finish my important works before I go for 15 days of leave 😊 Although such half a month off working days means complete relaxation, I will be nevertheless on hyperactive schedules of my wedding 💒😅
Last night I could pick two books SUDHA MURTHY: “HOW I TAUGHT MY GRANDMOTHER TO READ &OTHER STORIES” and “GRANDMA’S BAG OF STORIES” . They have been in my wish list from a very long time. I am on a self disciplinary mode to decrease the number of piled up books in my room. Even now I am shifting a big trolley bag full of books to my home….but unfortunately I cant resist books….
Before these books, I have read only a children’s novel “The magic of lost temple” (I doubt the exact name) by the author. Last week I suggested that book to my colleagues and I found two of them finished it in no time and with pure enjoyment & enthusiasms of children 😊
I hope to get the same happiness from this books too 😍 my train journey will be taking 3hrs more than usual to reach the destiny and I am on a motto to finish at least one 😉😊



Sun's rays enlightened the room. The birds and squirrels chirping outside the room made it impossible for him to stay in bed any long. He stretched himself and his hands found the bed vacant. His mind was back to reality and a reality even after several weeks his mind hasn't accepted. He got out of the bed and walked towards the door. Sun was trying its best to encroach into his shady life. He could see their cats waiting for his attention outside the net sheeted door. His sister has made sure every morning to let them go out into the garden.


The picture frames on his bedroom walls were louder and were enough to explain the reason for his silent grief. Almost a year ago, they found two kittens near the roadside on a rainy morning.  She changed a lot after their arrival, she was happier and the kittens were enough to fill her free time while he was away with his work. Every evening he was welcomed by new pics and stories about the tiny little ones. For her, they were more like her kids. Her creative side also bloomed during those days.  

Their world was perfect until two months back until two months back when she was concluded for counting down her death. It was painful yet she seemed to be brave and never cried in front of him. She loved him so much that she was stubborn in not express her vulnerability to emotions. That night was sleepless and she was on her own. But the next day she seemed to be different, rejuvenated with a new vibe of positiveness. She welcomed him with a smile and found to be more actively using each and every moment from then on. She continued pampering her kittens, taking pictures, cooking, painting and she went on until she collapsed. She was so strong in her mind that she always carried her smile even when she know she was in excruciating pain. 

He now knew that she rests in peace and he is left in this world with their cats and her memories. Every nook and corner of their house reflected her presence. She was so adamant in leaving behind her imprints in their house. Every morning he had to forcefully make him believe that she wasn't there anymore. His bedroom walls talked to him, they replayed all the cherished moments in their life and her soul even now made sure that those pics brought a soothing peace to his mind and left a smile on his face!

PS: I was not supposed to write anything fictional, but it just randomly happened. I couldn't stop writing when I found the first image posted in Instagram by my friend Deepak A. G. This fiction just came out solely because of his pic. As usual, I tried to garnish the plot with illustrations from Pinterest 🙂 🙂 :) 


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