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when i think about my memories on my writing habit..i ask myself one question: when did i start writing? Huh…i don’t remember exactly… may be around my 7th grade…if the writing had began there, then the reading might have started much earlier.Childhood seem to be an art movie for me when i think about it now. No one of my age. I met my cousins once in a while that too during festive or vacations. mom wasn’t too interested to play with me…dad was in far way land….so i was more or less left alone. Hence i was reading and reading the comics which i got as ration on my vacations. TV wasn’t popular and restricted visits to neighborhood to avoid scoldings from granny and mom. Faint memories exist of my repeated pleading to mom to read me stories from the comic books. Read novels from the annual editions of weeklies. I received the audible version of variety of stories especially epics of Indian myths  from grandpa usually on weekends when he was free after the morning breakfast. Granny used to add few stories on ghosts and few ancestors…..
I started my 5th grade in a new school where every Friday we were allowed to get one book. The teacher comes to the class with a bundle of books. My eyes hope for the fat books and fortune usually didn’t favor me. By the time backbenchers’ receive book, the chances to choose the book was fairly any. However, slim or fat, a deep exhalation of satisfaction arrives when i hold the book for the week. My mind already reaches home even before the last bell rings… Ready for another book….I don’t remember what all books i read in my school days. Now i feel i should have kept a record of what all i read. Poetry wasn’t my area. After 7th grade, i got membership at my local library club and read whatever got into my hands especially fictions but all were in my regional language. There was a break in my reading during 10th grade and I wasn’t introduced to english books until my 11th grade.

From 11th grade, a new era began in my reading habit, malayalam (my regional language) books were totally replaced by english. It was totally strange/new to me. I was changed from country side school to a residential modern school. Everything around me changed in matter of days. People, classmates, hostel, studies, language…all seemed different. Hence i had a tough time to get adapted. I wasn’t good in mingling with classmates. Naturally i was pulled to an amazing new world of books. My new school had a library at the top floor, it was the biggest collection of books i had ever seen at that age. I didn’t know where to begin….yet i began  my far awaited journey to a new world…….

a journey begins……..

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