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Plastic Free July Challenge 2018

Hello folks,
It’s been nearly 2 months I haven’t written anything for you. All of a sudden, today I decided to break my silence. Okay so if you are thinking why I was silent excluding several lame reasons on time/stress management, I was getting ready for a journey. A journey which I was eagerly waiting for, to challenge myself. So what was the challenge? It’s called PLASTIC FREE JULY CHALLENGE. Yeah, you read it correctly. This is an international challenge started in 2011 by a small group of participants in Western Australia and now flourished across the globe with one true intention for a world without plastics. This doesn’t mean the complete eradication of plastics when we are completely aware of it’s uses. This is meant to bring changes at the personal level lifestyle to reduce the plastic pollution caused by discarding the single-use ones. It’s promoting better reusable alternatives in several areas of daily life to reduce the amount of wastage. You can read more about this on the website here.

I was taking up this personal challenge along with several thousands of people across to globe to follow one entire month (July) to strictly reduce the consumption of plastics especially single-use plastics. I apologize for not informing this in the blog for helping you to give this a try since I personally wanted to test my own abilities to switch over the alternatives. And now at the 22nd day of my challenge, I had the complete confidence to talk about this challenge to you. On a personal level, it was fun doing it and kept me more conscious about what I choose or refuse to use. This doesn’t mean that we should be 100% free from single-use plastics. More than reaching the full perfection, it’s all about bringing a change in our perspective to take little steps to avoid plastic waste from our lifestyle.

Some of you could have a thong not taking up the chalk since the month of July is gonna get over in a week. Hey, don’t do that. It’s all about taking up the perspectives to be the change and it doesn’t matter which month it may be 😊 In the following days I will be doing a series of blog posts entirely about what each one of us can do and also what all steps I brought in my personal life during this challenge 🙂One more thing, my challenge isn’t gonna end on 31st if this July, I have decided to carry forward the challenge and be the change. I have found that my little steps towards sustainability were inspired from several people around the globe and I was also inspirational for several other people. It’s a ripple effect and does happily join the movement to bring the real changes for the betterment which the EARTH deserves, for all the love she has given for the mankind 🌍

Many of you might have seen this image of how the sea gifted back our trashes this month at the Mumbai. Do you still need more reasons to accept this challenge? Feel free to ask questions and your little steps could be inspirational for the next person 😊🙏🏻 Do give some time to check the image below to know at a glance at what you can do.