Coming back…

I never quit; since I wasnt that good/expert at time management for wide range of creative activities; I gave blogging a pause. So am I really back to the formal term ‘consistent blogging’… not exactly possible to predict . For that I have a more sincere reason which is the finalization of my doctoral thesis 🙂 To be honest this blog is instantaneous prompt on my blogging existence.
So where was I or what did I do all those months?
I had been into a reader’s block last year mid and I began writing short stories in Malayalam. Mostly I get the spark which incubates on the week days and on the weekend i sat for writing it down. I am an old school fella and hence wrote down the stories on a notebook. The process continued for nine months. By the beginning of March 2020, I had completed 45 short stories.
Serendipity was on my side and i got a chance to publish my work as an Anthology of love stories. QAll my stories had the strong base of LOVE but wide range of shades from different aspects or stages of mankind. I feel even yet more to be written down. I was experiencing the words and its instilled emotions which gave them its realistic nature. Hence I named the book as Ente Pranayakadhakal which meant My Love Stories. Obviously, It is purely fiction but done with a realistic approach.
Maybe on another post… my serendipity with my first book 🙂

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