It has been nearly an year I havent said anyone anything on this space. So technically a question awakes for whoever is reading this blog out there: what makes me come back now? I will answer about my silence in yet another post.
But as of now I want to share something beautiful with my dearest blogging folks out there…
It’s about a beautiful song 🙂

The magic of certain songs to time travel the listener’s mind to somewhere distant has always been the most appreciative skill of that song. It could be the amazing blend of various beats or the meaningful lyrics which could be taking us away. Every song brings in a different mood to the listener… subtle… rhythmic waves… drifting… soothing the pain… enchanting… energetic or gush of memories. It evokes the emotions some could be peripheral while some could be deeply rooted… all that happens within in such a short time frame.

It’s been after several months I heard an English album song… In the past couple of years i have been attempting various genres of music and mostly hooked up to Carnatic classical or in an around its versions. I guess it’s after one or two decade, i listened to a good track which I felt listening in a loop. The song is called DREAM by the musical band named THE WOODEN SHIELD. In the beginning, i was swayed with the peripheral beats which i found ear soothing. It had a particular rhythmic beats beginning with an African beat and its a alternative rock genre 🖤. I must say that the various instruments… drums… guitar… and unknown instruments to my knowledge made sure that their is a perfectly synchronised blending with the vocals. The lyrics of Dreams is a reflection of one’s own journey… walking in the midst of silent yet chaotic heart. Not for once i felt it odd but it took me back to my school times when i was on song loops for english albums. Do give this song some moments from your time and may be it will speak to you about your DREAMS 🙂

The Wooden Shield debut single “Dream”
Now available on all digital platforms…

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Be With Us 🤝



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